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Navigating Your Career in Agriculture

In this week's North American Ag Spotlight Chrissy Wozniak talks to Dustin Toberman about how to navigate your career, whether you're just starting out, or changing lanes mid-career. Dustin shares his story of starting out as a barge deckhand on the Mississippi, and the lessons he learned as he climbed the ladder. He shares what led him to start his company, OMNI Ag, and his podcast "Boot Pit to Boardroom".

Being raised around a family-operated grain business gave him the opportunity to witness how important good people can be to an organization. His father and grandfather showed him that without the right people who are true to your company’s values, your business will die. Early on, he recognized the need for leaders to support and champion their people. He took that philosophy with him throughout his career outside the family business in the agriculture industry.

Dustin's first job in the industry was as a barge deckhand on the Mississippi. The work was physically demanding and dangerous but it allowed him to see the world from the perspective of those at the foundation of a company. On a daily basis, he was reminded that the company could not succeed without their buy-in and hard work. As his career advanced he was awarded more responsibility and the opportunity to lead people, starting out in operations and eventually in the corporate office leading an entire district. Dustin's travels took him to new locations meeting new challenges with a diverse array of teams. No matter where he went, he took with him the lessons learned on the barges and in the bins of his family’s grain business.

In Dustin's 20+ years in the industry, he's learned that no matter what business he's worked with, the key to success was always the same: Having the right people on your team is the difference between winning and losing. Many of those he's worked with have gone on to find success leading their own teams. Although different in many ways, all of those people carried with them certain winning traits.

OMNI Ag is in the business of building futures, with career placement services focused on lasting success for talent and businesses alike. With proven methods for talent acquisition and retention, they partner with businesses to define and strengthen company culture.

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