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Farm Equipment Repairs: Getting to the Root of the Problem

With ERD President Glenn Flaherty

This webinar will focus on farm equipment repairs, where to start and the steps to take to diagnose and fix common problems.

  • Modern equipment and its complexity vs. legacy equipment and its mechanical build

  • Initial steps to take when experiencing a failure

  • Ruling out the "easy"

  • Determining the problem

  • Checking limit switches

  • If it is an electrical issue, what module is it?

  • If you can't fix it then cover and protect

Glenn Flaherty, President and Owner of ERD, LTD. is presenting this webinar. Glenn has created a highly successful industrial electronic repair business. Combining his extensive knowledge of electrical concepts and physics with superb critical thinking skills, Glenn has pushed ERD to the forefront of the technical services world. These qualities are essential in the diagnosis and repair of aging legacy electronic equipment for which OEM support and/or documentation no longer exist.

Glen strives to help educate farmers on how to fix what they can on-farm. When producers need more help, ERD's electronic repair/refurbishing process can step in and is simple and effective. With twenty plus years of experience in refurbishing legacy and new electronics, they are the repair center of choice. Their global leading 3-year warranty is backed by their technical group averaging over 20 years of electronic refurbishing experience. Over the years they have repaired more than 4,500 OEM product categories.

ERD is proud and privileged to be a recipient of the U.S. Presidential “E” Award. This prestigious award is given each year in Washington DC to less than 100 organizations across the country for excellence in exporting. Extending the use life of electronics is a win for everyone because the process reduces waste in global landfills and eliminates the need to buy expensive new equipment.

Learn more about ERD at

Use code 'FarmAg23' to get 10% off your repair.

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