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Vegetable Garden

We Believe...


  • Should be based on truth and never purposely misleads the audience. Sound over-simplified? Not in the age we're living in where the mainstream media favors one side or another and promotes click bait. North American Ag is a media outlet that chooses not to join their clique.

  • Should provide a table for open discussion on all sides of an issue. People hold different values, meaning opinions can differ between individuals. We believe that it's healthy to debate and listen to other perspectives. If our Creator thought that one perspective was good enough, there wouldn't be four Gospels.

  • Should cherish free speech and exists to preserve it.


  • Should honestly reflect the product being sold.

  • Should not use misleading although 'technically' true claims. For example, there are only 11 commercially available genetically engineered crops produced and sold in the U.S., if you sell something that is not on this list you should not be using the non-GMO label. Therefore, we will not help you design non-GMO packaging for your oranges. If you want some good reading on the topic, check out ag economist Damian Mason's book, Food Fear.

  • Should not jump on trendy band wagons, instead use messaging in your marketing that reflect YOUR VALUES, not words that everyone else is using just because it's popular. Stand out by boldly being you.

Let’s Work Together

We appreciate working with farms and companies who hold similar core values.

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