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SPECIAL: Impact Farming with Chrissy Wozniak on Ag Policy: ESG, Property Rights & The Attack on Ag

This week we feature The Impact Farming Show, where host Tracy Brunet discusses the many current attacks on agriculture with Chrissy Wozniak of North American Ag.

Many farmers cannot help but notice that agriculture and our farming practices are increasingly in the spotlight with each passing day.

We all see and hear the headlines. Sustainability, ESG, property rights, water and wildlife preservation efforts, carbon concerns, fertilizer reductions, animal rights, lab-grown "meats", plant-based “meats,” and the list goes on and on.

Being in the public eye, and the constant uncertainty that comes from being in the spotlight, has many farmers concerned about the future of farming.

Tracy and Chrissy tackle many of these subjects in a great conversation about policy and its growing impact on agriculture. In this episode:

• Chrissy shares more about her platform, her mission, and why agriculture policy has become an ever-increasing passion for her personally and professionally.

• She shares more about American Agri Women, her involvement, and the work this group of amazing women is doing to represent the best interests of the agriculture industry with our elected officials.

• Tracy and Chrissy chat about how there are several agriculture policies with growing momentum right now and how many of these policies are not even on the radar for most farmers. In this episode, Chrissy focuses on four policies that every farmer should know about.

• Have you heard of ESGs? Many farmers have not. ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance, and Chrissy shares how this impacts our industry.

• As farmers, the land is near and dear to our hearts; without it, we cannot farm. Chrissy and are currently making waves in the USA and around the World.

• For anyone involved in the agriculture industry, it is no surprise when Chrissy shares that there is an attack on animal agriculture. Between PETA, vegans, and other animal rights activists…animal agriculture has been in the public eye for many years. However, Chrissy goes on to share that our current threats may be coming from within the government. You will not want to miss this.

• Last but not least are fertilizer restrictions. This topic made headlines a while back with the government’s declaration that farmers must reduce their fertilizer usage by 30%. While the conversation seems to have died down for now, this battle is far from over.

• Chrissy shares some final parting thoughts on agriculture policy and whether or not farmers should be concerned. She also shares a few tips for farmers if they want to learn more or get involved.

If you are a farmer, you don’t want to miss this episode!

Impact Farming, a video and audio show dedicated to helping Canadian farmers excel in the business of farming. Our goal with this show is to introduce our audience to the people and ideas that are going to make an impact on their farm business. Host Tracy Brunet chats with today’s most successful farm advisors and industry leaders to bring our audience the best and most important ideas. This show is designed to bring Canadian farmers impactful farm business information that can be consumed on the go.


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