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SPECIAL: Things Growers Want to Know Before Deciding to Purchase an AgTech Automation Solution

This week we recap the insightful panel discussion on agricultural technology: "Things Growers Want to Know Before Deciding to Purchase an AgTech Automation Solution" at the FIRA USA Conference in September 2023.

After evaluating multiple solutions, the grower is ready to move towards a purchase decision. What happens now? Usually there's a field trial where baseline is captured and change measured to confirm it delivers as expected. The details of the purchase are worked through - will it be a direct sale or a channel sale through a partner, and will it be an equipment purchase, a lease, or an as-a-service subscription style purchase? Who is going to support the product and what functionality exists now and what will be added later and when? What kind of ROI expectations do large growers have (i.e. what kind of payback period are they targeting), and how do those map to other growers and smaller growers?

The Journey from Evaluation to Purchase Decision:

Discover the pivotal steps growers take after evaluating multiple AgTech solutions. Our panelists, including Bartley Walker and Josh Roberts, shared their experiences navigating the path to the final purchase decision.

Insights into Field Trials:

Get a closer look at the dynamics of field trials, where baseline data is captured and changes are measured to ensure the effectiveness of chosen AgTech solutions. The panelists provided valuable insights into making field trials impactful.

Intricacies of the Purchase Process:

Explore the intricacies involved in the purchase process – from deciding on a direct sale or a channel sale through a partner to choosing between equipment purchase, lease, or an as-a-service subscription. Learn from the experiences of industry leaders.

Product Support and Functionality:

Find out who supports the product post-purchase and gain insights into the existing functionalities. Our panelist, Josh Ruiz addressed questions about product support and future enhancements.

Decoding ROI Expectations:

Dive into the nuanced world of ROI expectations, understanding how large growers set payback periods and how these expectations align with those of smaller growers. Gain a comprehensive understanding from our expert panel.

Expert Panelists:

🌾 Bartley Walker | President | Pacific Ag Rental

🌾 Josh Roberts | President | Triangle Farms

🌾 Josh Ruiz | Sr. Director of Ag Technology and Innovation | Duda Farm Fresh Foods

🌾 With Moderator Chrissy Wozniak | Founder | North American Ag

Relive the thought-provoking discussion that unfolded on September 20th, offering valuable insights and empowering attendees to successfully navigate the complex landscape of AgTech adoption.

Stay tuned for future events and continue your journey into the world of ag tech with insights from our expert panelists!

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