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North American Ag

Devoted to highlighting the people & companies in agriculture
who impact our industry and help feed our world.

North American Ag provides daily ag news and weekly podcasts, devoted to highlighting the great people and companies that serve the agriculture industry and help feed our world. Covering ag tech, issues, policy, new products, family & faith. North American Ag gives farm families and ag professionals insight into what’s happening in agriculture throughout North America.


Find your next listen in our Best of Ag Podcast Library, where we have curated the best agriculture podcasts from across North America. Searchable by name, host or topic - listen right on the page, or find links to the show on your favorite platform.

Chrissy Wozniak is the host of the North American Ag Spotlight & What Color is Your Tractor. Chrissy has served the ag industry in sales & marketing throughout her career, her experience & love of the industry has lead her to create the North American Ag platform and become the host of it's two podcasts - The North American Ag Spotlight & What Color is Your Tractor. 

Chrissy Wozniak
What Color is Your Tractor
North American Ag
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