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From Poop to Pots: The CowPots Dairy Farm Gamechanger!

Today, we are joined by Amanda Freund, a third-generation farmer from East Canaan, Connecticut. Together with her father, Matt, Amanda manages their company called CowPots, where the family manufactures biodegradable containers using the dairy farm’s digested and composted manure.

Amanda's connection to compost goes back to her 8th-grade science fair project, where she compared different carbon sources in compost piles. She also served as an agriculture volunteer with the Peace Corps in Zambia from 2010-2012, where she trained farmers on building and maintaining compost piles. Today, she oversees production schedules, marketing, and distribution of their value-added compost products nationwide.

CowPots uses pulp molding equipment to manufacture biodegradable, plantable containers from digested and composted cow manure. Currently offering 15 styles ranging in size from 3" to 17", CowPots began as a way for the family to manage their nutrients better and has grown into a profitable business that provides growers and gardeners with an American-made, renewable, and recycled alternative to plastic and peat pots.

Apart from CowPots, Amanda maintains the website and social media for another farm business, Freund's Farm Market and Bakery. In her free time, she enjoys dabbling in beekeeping and walking the crop fields with her dog, Brie.

Join us as we dive into Amanda's journey and how CowPots is revolutionizing the industry!

Learn more about CowPots at


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