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Defending the Constitutional Rights of the American Farmer

In this week's North American Ag Spotlight Chrissy Wozniak delves into the critical role of protecting the constitutional and private property rights of law-abiding animal owners and animal-related businesses. Our guest, Mindy Patterson, President and Co-Founder of The Cavalry Group LLC., is a passionate advocate fighting to safeguard these rights against radical animal rights agendas.

Animal owners and animal-related businesses are facing increasing attacks from those seeking to eliminate animal ownership and enterprise in America. The Cavalry Group, founded in 2012, stands as a bulwark against these threats, offering advocacy and legal defense to protect constitutional and private property rights. The group provides 24/7 access to legal defense for law-abiding animal owners, businesses, outdoor sportsmen, and agricultural interests.

Dedicated to safeguarding constitutional and private property rights of animal owners and businesses nationwide, The Cavalry Group provides legal defense against unwarranted search and seizure of farms and animal enterprises. The organization also advocates against animal rights-driven legislative actions at both federal and state levels. Furthermore, they fight against government agencies implementing rules and regulations inconsistent with the law.

Listen in as we explore the challenges faced by animal owners and businesses, and the essential work done by The Cavalry Group to defend their rights and interests.

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