Dr. Knowlton of Virginia Tech Weighs in on Some Critical Issues in Dairy Management

North American Ag's Chrissy Wozniak talks with Dr. Katharine Knowlton, Professor in the Department of Dairy Science at Virginia Tech.

Dr. Knowlton weighs in on livestock learning & behavior, stockmanship, research in dairy management, handling animal extremism and shares her thoughts on the up and coming generation of ag. She grew up on a dairy farm in Connecticut and earned her Bachelors in Animal Science at Cornell University, her masters at Michigan State and her Ph.D. at the University of Maryland. She is the coach of the Virginia Tech dairy judging team, judges dairy shows across the US, owns a small herd of Jersey cows, and has authored 84 peer-reviewed papers.

Visit https://www.dasc.vt.edu/ to learn more.

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