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John Deere announces MY23 updates to planters

Olathe, Kan. (March 3, 2022) – John Deere has announced Model Year 2023 updates for its planters that include a new configuration for the 1725C 16R30 planter; and enhanced frame design for existing 1725C 12R36/38 and 12R38/40 planters, along with additional enhancements that will add value for corn and cotton producers.

The 1725C replaces the 1725CCS planter which will still be offered until the end of MY23. The 1725C 16 row planter offers individual row hydraulic downforce, pneumatic closing wheels and ExactRate that’s not offered on the 1725CCS. In addition, the 1725 offers improved frame weight distribution and better maneuverability without the need for lift-assist wheels compared to the 1725CCS.

Updates to the 1725 16R30 planter include a new configuration with enhanced frame design, a 55-bushel Central Commodity System (CCS) with relocated blower, along with a full agronomic suite. Farmers can now order the 1725C 16R30 planter with the optional ExactRate fertilizer system.

Additional enhancements include a new ladder/platform that helps prevent damage from field obstacle and makes accessing the platform easier; a Cat 4N/3 hitch, and color-coded hydraulic handles for fast, easy connections. The new 55-bushel CCS offers increased capacity compared to its 35-bushel predecessor, can be fitted to a pro-box, allows farmers to plan more acres between refills and requires no lift-assist wheels.

The 1725C features an agronomic suite that includes either an ExactEmerge BrushBelt or MaxEmerge 5e seed tube. In addition, Pneumatic row cleaners and closing wheels, individual row hydraulic downforce, and optional ExactRate liquid fertilizer system are included that are not offered on the 1725CCS.

For more information about MY23 planter updates and enhancements, visit the John Deere website, or your local John Deere Dealer.


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