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Veteran Agronomist Bob Joehl to Lead Research and Development for Direct Enterprises, Inc.

Westfield, Ind. (AgPR) | Veteran agronomist and seedsman Bob Joehl has been named director of research and product development for Direct Enterprises, Inc. (DEI), it was announced here today by Bill Haubner, DEI co-founder and president. In the role, Joehl will be responsible for DEI’s in-house lab as well as multi-location field research. “Bob Joehl has deep experience with seed genetics and soil science,” said Haubner in making the announcement. “We are very excited to have him leading us forward as we continue to find and prove the very best seed treatment solutions that bring the very best crop production outcomes for our customers.” Joehl (pronounced “YALE”) earned a bachelor’s degree in agronomy and crop science from Cornell University, where he also played blocking fullback on the 1971 IVY Champs Football Team. He later received his MBA from the University of Memphis. Joehl formerly managed genetics testing and evaluation for M-Pride Genetics and oversaw the management of countless farming operations as a farm management officer for Prudential Agricultural Realty Group. He has run his own consulting business, The AIM Group, Ltd., for more than two decades, and has worked with DEI in business development for many years. He and his wife Maureen live in Carmel, Indiana and have four grown children and nine grandchildren. “With more biological solutions coming on, it’s a very exciting time to be involved in seed treatment and my goal is to learn as much as I can to the benefit of the American farmer,” Joehl said of his new role. “We will be looking to bring more effective new products to market that will be easy for dealers and farmers to use. Convenience is a key issue – great products bring no benefit if they don’t get used.” DEI is well known for their custom seed treatment blends of hard chemistry, growth promotors and flowability agents as well as their multi-strained Brady Rhizobia inoculant N-Force™. DEI was also the first to bring CeraMax to U.S. farmers. CeraMax is a new EPA-registered biological agent for guarding crops against sudden death syndrome (SDS), and a great alternative to harsher chemistry to control SDS. Joehl, along with Jason Reed, DEI’s quality assurance and field trial specialist, were instrumental in proving the efficacy of CeraMax. “Across research trials in 10 states, where CeraMax was added to Acceleron Standard seed treatments, beans showed significantly lower SDS disease incidence and an average yield increase of 4.3 bushel per acre,” explains Joehl. More than 50 field trials were accomplished and compared with an Acceleron- only control treatment. “CeraMax also bested hard chemical alternatives ILEVO® and Saltro® in plant vigor tests with no signs of phytotoxic stress on the beans.” Joehl says he is at work to refine that research in 2023 and add more new, innovative possibilities to the line-up. “America’s farmers are a really smart bunch and it’s a privilege to work so closely with them on this sort of field research,” Joehl said. “I’m thankful for a role that allows me to welcome more people to think with us about the good, beneficial solutions that will help farmers make more of every crop they grow.” About DEI: Direct Enterprises, Inc. (DEI) is a fast-growing leader in providing custom-blended seed treatments and seed treatment equipment to the agricultural industry, all delivered in a personal, timely, courteous and professional manner in partnership with customers, vendors and the community. Headquartered in Westfield, Indiana, the company serves customers all across the U.S. with key products and services. For more information, visit


Media Contact: K. Elliott Nowels, The Elliott Group


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