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Unlocking Revenue Through Regenerative Practices: Bayer's ForGround Platform

In the latest episode of North American Ag Spotlight, host Chrissy Wozniak sits down with Tyler Williams, a sustainable systems agronomist, to delve into Bayer’s innovative digital platform, ForGround by Bayer. With a rich background in meteorology, climatology, and agronomy, Tyler has dedicated his career to enhancing farm productivity and sustainability, making him an ideal advocate for Bayer’s latest venture.

Tyler Williams grew up on a ranch in south central Nebraska, fostering an early connection to the land. He pursued his education at the University of Nebraska Lincoln, focusing on meteorology, climatology, and agronomy. After spending a decade with the University of Nebraska Extension, where he developed programs to bolster farm productivity and resilience, Tyler joined Bayer. He initially worked as a field scientist with the Bayer Crop Science Seed Production Innovation organization before transitioning to his current role in the Bayer Carbon Initiative. As a Sustainable Systems Agronomist, he now helps farmers adopt sustainable practices that enhance their operations' long-term viability.

ForGround by Bayer is a cutting-edge digital platform designed to support farmers in transitioning to sustainable agricultural practices. Tyler explains that ForGround provides comprehensive agronomic support, valuable tools, and resources, alongside opportunities for revenue generation through the adoption of regenerative practices. This platform aims to connect growers with businesses seeking to meet their sustainability and carbon objectives, offering a win-win scenario for both parties.

One of the standout features of ForGround is its potential to help farmers earn revenue. Tyler elaborates that producers can benefit financially by adopting practices that sequester carbon and improve soil health. By doing so, they can sell carbon credits or receive incentives from companies. With numerous options available for regenerative agriculture, Tyler highlights what sets ForGround apart. The platform's farmer-first approach ensures that growers receive tailored support and practical solutions. ForGround also emphasizes measurable outcomes, allowing farmers to track their progress and demonstrate tangible results, which is crucial in an industry often plagued by greenwashing.

Looking ahead, Tyler sees numerous opportunities for growers in 2024 and beyond. Innovations in technology and agronomy will continue to open new avenues for sustainable practices. He encourages farmers to stay informed and engaged with platforms like ForGround to capitalize on these opportunities.

For farmers interested in joining ForGround, Tyler assures that the process is straightforward. The platform is designed to be user-friendly, with ample support available to guide farmers through each step. More information can be found on Bayer’s website or by contacting their local agronomic advisor.

For more information on ForGround by Bayer and to hear the full interview with Tyler Williams, tune in to North American Ag Spotlight on your favorite podcast platform.

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