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The New Ag-Bag T7170 – Better Storage Equals Better Forage

Today Chrissy Wozniak is sitting down with Ag-Bag by RCI owner Randy Clark and National Sales & Marketing Manager Taylor Weisensel to discuss the new Ag-Bag T7170.

Ag-Bagging is taking a performance leap forward through the new T-Series models introduction.

Since acquiring the product line from New Holland in late 2019, RCI Engineering has focused on transforming the product design with extensive input from its customer and dealer base. The result is a machine design with more capacity, higher density forage compaction, easier serviceability and more convenient transport.

“Our goal is to build on the industry leadership that Ag-Bag has achieved to make this product line perform more profitably for forage producers and livestock operations,” said Randy Clark, founder of RCI Engineering. “And we’ve made a strong commitment to back that up with exceptional parts and service support,” he continued.

One of Ag-Bag’s long-standing key features has been its patented low rotor position that fills bags more uniformly with its upward flow of feedstuffs. Now, RCI has improved this function with a new Revolutionary Rotor with twice as many teeth resulting in greater compaction and higher density in the bag. Plus, an all-new forage distributor spreads the forage evenly over the rotor for faster unloading and higher throughput capacity. Longer tunnel extensions also contribute to greater compaction and forage density. Another high-capacity feature is a single conveyor that is now 12 inches wider, handling more forage for faster unloading.

Serviceability and ease of operation are also improved. At the operator station, all machine controls are in one place, and the T7170 provides easy access for servicing upkeep.

Transporting the T7170 Ag-Bagger has also been upgraded with an integrated hydraulic lift system that saves time changing between transport and operation modes. A new hitch design changes towing direction placing the tunnel on the side of the road providing better visibility and safer travel.

Ag-Bag by RCI provides a complete forage storage solution with its superior compaction machine designs, specially formulated Ag-Bag inoculants, and Genuine Ag-Bag plastic that provides an ideal oxygen-free environment for silage fermentation and higher quality livestock feed.


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