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The DeLong Co. Teams with Meristem Crop Performance

CLINTON, Wisc. (AgPR) Jan. 18, 2024 | The DeLong Co., Inc., of Clinton, Wisc. has entered into a dealer agreement with Meristem Crop Performance. In the new engagement, The DeLong Co. will now carry Meristem’s product portfolio of best-in-class nitrogen inhibitors, micronutrients, biologicals, adjuvants and plant growth regulators to crop producers across their service territory.

“We are doing this for the same reason we do anything: It’s about helping our crop producers cultivate their own prosperity,” said Jordan DeLong, Agronomy Manager, in announcing the engagement. “It’s clear to us that Meristem is bringing innovative technology to market that can help our growers raise more bushels for less." He adds that it’s about being in it for the long haul and continuing to always do what’s best for farmers.

Our six-generation history is a testament to our long-term thinking,” he smiles. “For more than 110 years, our family has been committed to investing in the technologies and solutions that help our customers and align with our values: integrity, family, innovation, growth and quality.”

“It’s exciting for us to work with The DeLong Co., Inc.,” said Mitch Eviston, Meristem Founder and CEO in announcing the collaboration. “The DeLong Family has such a wonderful history. And their team has deep experience in bringing agronomic know-how to growers all over the Corn Belt. We’re glad to be riding with them on serving more growers and learning from them along the way.”

The DeLong Co., Inc. began when brothers William and Jesse DeLong, along with John B. Johnson, operated a grain and feed business in Avalon, Wisconsin sometime in the very late 1800s/early 1900s. In 1913, they began a grain operation in Darien, Wisconsin. Today that business has grown to 38 locations nationwide. While crop inputs and integrated agronomic services remain their core business, the family has also added adjacent services of grain marketing, logistics, insurance, and wholesale feed.

“At The DeLong Co., Inc. we work every day to help growers make the most of every seed and every acre,” says DeLong. “Meristem’s product line will boost our ability to do exactly that.” Making sense of the benefits biologicals hold for growers is an important aspect of the new relationship, he says. “The technology they are bringing to the field just makes sense.”

“Our REVLINE™ HOPPER THROTTLE™ planter box treatment, powered by our patented BIO-CAPSULE™ Technology keeps the beneficial microbes separate from the talc/graphite and the micronutrients until they are deployed at planting,” explains Izaak Rathke, Meristem’s North Country Sales Director. “That keeps the microbes healthy all the way to the furrow.”

Rathke says REVLINE HOPPER THROTTLE and EXCAVATOR™ are cornerstones of Meristem’s comprehensive “Biology Is Fertility™” program, designed to help farmers “break out” of old habits to make more nutrients available, improve soil health, and boost yields.

EXCAVATOR, powered by MICROBILIZE™, is a product with a powerful consortium of microbial strains designed to break residue down faster, thereby releasing nutrients for the following crop. “MICROBILIZE” refers to a patented surfactant agent that helps bind the bacteria to the residue in a way that speeds activity. The product is effective as a spring application or applied post-harvest.

“If you are raising 200 bushel per acre corn, there’s 200 pounds of plant nutrition tied up in the residue after you harvest,” he explains. “The consortium of biologicals in EXCAVATOR breaks that residue down quickly and makes those nutrients available for the next crop in that field. That’s an important aspect of nutrient stewardship.”

About The DeLong Co., Inc.

The DeLong Co., Inc., ( ) is a sixth-generation family-owned enterprise headquartered in Clinton, Wisc., operating across 38 locations nationwide. The company encompasses six divisions specializing in agricultural and logistical sales and services, including grain, exports, agronomy, seed, transportation, and wholesale feed.

About Meristem Crop Performance

Meristem Crop Performance Group, LLC ( is one of the fastest-growing crop input companies in America. Meristem sources, formulates, licenses, and delivers high-quality crop inputs to farmers at a price point empowering them to gain real productivity by increasing yields and lowering their per unit production cost. Meristem is building a highly efficient channel to bring crop inputs to market, reducing waste and accelerating access to farm-ready innovations, such as their patented BioCapsule Technology™ and Microbilize Technology™ biological delivery systems. For more information, visit or follow Meristem Crop Performance on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.


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