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IOWA CITY, Iowa (AgPR) | Rantizo, the largest drone spraying network in the country, has achieved a significant milestone in drone operations with the approval of an amendment to Exemption No. 18929B, allowing Rantizo service hub operators to swarm up to 3 drones over 55 pounds, without a visual observer (VO), and at night

“The approval demonstrates the FAA’s recognition of the safety and reliability of our systems, as well as the evolving needs of operators delivering precise and timely crop protection to their farmer customers.” said Mariah Scott, CEO. “This amendment allows us to unlock a whole new level of productivity, flexibility and efficiency for our team.” 

Flying without a VO and multiple drones at once, such as three DJI T30 or two XAG P100 Pro drones, can significantly boost operator productivity, allowing operators to cover more acres, for more farmers and with greater flexibility. Night operations allow operators the flexibility to spray during the most favorable weather conditions for flying and crop coverage, while reducing exposure for pollinators and interruptions for farm workers. 

“This is a giant step in the right direction for drone applicators,” said Kevin McDonald, Chief Pilot. “The FAA is really working hard to make more options available for drone operators and this approval shows that drones will continue to unlock new options for precision application technology.” 

While there are numerous benefits, flying without a VO, drone swarming and night flying do come with risk. All operators must participate in training prior to adopting these advanced practices, and we recommend it for all operators pursuing similar exemptions. 


Ready to get your own exception? Call (319) 201-3020 or fill out this form to upgrade your Fly More subscription by selecting "FAA Exemption: Swarming, Night Flying without a VO" from the drop down menu.


Rantizo connects demand and supply for agricultural spray drone services with a turnkey service platform. After spraying almost 200,000 acres in 2023, Rantizo continues to grow through local hub expansions and growing its nationwide network of drone operators. Rantizo operators fly and apply for growers and retailers in 30 states, providing qualified, licensed, and insured precision application services. To learn more visit


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