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New What Color is Your Tractor Episode with Mike Price

In the heartlands of upstate New York, the world of agriculture thrives. It's here, amidst the fertile soils and sprawling farms, that Mike Price calls home.

Mike Price, known as MikeP7810 in the YouTube realm is a renowned influencer in the farming community, Mike has amassed a substantial following due to his engaging farm-related videos. In their conversation, Chrissy and Mike covered a range of topics, from the allure of John Deere's 7810 model to the challenges and triumphs of integrating technology into modern agriculture.

The Roots of Farming

Mike Price spoke of his parents' move to their current farm in upstate New York and the rich connection to agriculture that courses through multiple generations of his family. It's a legacy that instilled in him a profound appreciation for the land and the equipment that tills it. He also shared a personal anecdote about his attachment to a John Deere 520 tractor, an iconic piece of machinery that holds sentimental value for him. It's a testament to the emotional bonds that farmers often forge with their equipment.

Embracing Technology on the Farm

One of the most fascinating aspects of modern farming is the incorporation of cutting-edge technology. Mike discussed the gradual adoption of new technology on his farm. He shed light on both the challenges and successes that come with embracing these advancements. A key takeaway was the delicate balance between adopting new technology and its economic feasibility for smaller farms. Mike stressed the importance of thorough research and seeking advice from fellow farmers when contemplating new equipment or technology.

The Future of Agriculture and Social Media

Both Chrissy and Mike expressing excitement about the future of agriculture. They eagerly anticipated the next big innovation in the industry. Mike's success on YouTube was also a topic of interest. He explained that his journey began with a passion for sharing farm-related content, gradually evolving into a successful YouTube channel. Consistency and cross-promotion on other social media platforms were his keys to growth.

The Impact of Social Media on Agriculture

In the latter part of the podcast, Mike delved into the diversity of his audience. It wasn't just farmers tuning in; his content resonated with people interested in agriculture and equipment from all walks of life. He mentioned collaborating with companies for product reviews and promotions but underscored the importance of maintaining authenticity and not transforming his channel into an infomercial.

Adapting to Change in Agriculture

The conversation touched on the changing landscape of agriculture. Larger farms are increasingly adopting advanced technology compared to smaller, more traditional operations like Mike's. The discussion also veered towards social media's influence on branding for manufacturers, with companies actively engaging YouTubers like Mike for promotional opportunities. He shared insights into how he handles negative feedback and criticism on his channel, emphasizing the importance of engagement with his audience while ignoring excessively negative comments.

Documenting Farm Activities and Building Connections

Mike Price revealed that documenting farm activities not only serves as a time capsule but also helps him keep track of farming practices and equipment use. He encouraged newcomers to the farming world to seek advice from seasoned individuals in the industry, highlighting the value of collective wisdom.

The Future of Brand Loyalty

The conversation concluded with contemplation on brand loyalty in the face of manufacturer consolidation. Mike mused about how younger generations might perceive brands differently due to changing ownership structures. He stressed the importance of manufacturers' presence at farm shows and the invaluable connections and personal interactions forged at such events.

In the world of agriculture, where tradition meets innovation, Mike Price stands as a bridge between the past and the future. His YouTube channel and the podcast episode shed light on the complex and evolving landscape of farming, where brand loyalty, technology, and social media converge to shape the future of this timeless industry. As farmers continue to till the land and sow the seeds of progress, one thing remains certain: the heartland will always have a voice.


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