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New Homogeneous Granular Fertilizer, BLUE, Improves Crop Performance, Profitability & Sustainability

Reading, PA | Timac Agro USA, a global innovator in crop nutrition, and Rainbow Plant Food, a legacy brand, have collaborated to bring a new generation of fertilizer efficiency tools to the agricultural market. “BLUE is a new fertilizer efficiency tool harnessing the innovation and technology of Timac Agro USA and elevating the high-quality precision nutrients and micronutrients offered by Rainbow Plant Food so that ultimately growers can realize higher profitability and higher performance with a layer of protection to help be more environmentally sensitive,” explains Michael Pisciotta, Timac Agro USA Director of Agronomy, Southern US. BLUE fertilizer products are comprised of superior homogeneous granular technology and a mixture of natural substances that benefit agronomic production. They work to maximize peak performance from the soil to the plant. They can be used as a singular source for all necessary nutrients, or as part of a blend to reap the benefits of enhanced fertilizer efficiency across every acre.

“Timac Agro’s studies have proven that the presence of BLUE in fertilizer can reduce nitrate leaching, as well as reduce nitrogen and phosphorus runoff,” affirmed Pisciotta. “This collaboration clearly defines how new technology can serve our growers in addressing legacy and next generation challenges.” BLUE grade products will empower growers in a variety of field situations such as pre-plant, bedded fertilizer, and top-dress. In varying soil dynamics, a grower using BLUE can capitalize on the natural functional substances and maximize nutrients in a way that they weren't able to with commodity fertilizers. Sustainability is woven into Timac Agro USA’s innovation and service to their growers. In addition to enhancing crop performance, BLUE carries significant benefits that help to preserve the natural environment. “BLUE is a tool for service to not only growers but to the environment. Farmers have to be environmentalists at their heart because ultimately if we don't preserve the soil and the land we're not going to be able to farm the next generation,” concludes Pisciotta. Timac Agro USA and Rainbow Plant Food Collaboration: In 2021, Timac Agro USA acquired Rainbow Plant Food of Americus, GA as part of their strategy to locally manufacture granular technologies. Rainbow became the first Timac Agro granulation unit in the country and has served the southeastern region of the US for the last 100 years. They joined Timac’s portfolio bringing a strong brand heritage, high-quality crop products and dedication to serving southern growers. Timac’s technological prowess and innovation paired with Rainbow’s legacy of high-quality homogeneous granular products worked together to create a new generation of fertilizer tools designed to help growers increase profitability, performance and environmental sustainability. About Timac Agro USA: Timac Agro USA, a crop nutrition manufacturer, brings high-quality and innovative solutions to growers across the country. With over 60 patented technologies in plant nutrition, Timac Agro USA continues to lead the agricultural market with sustainable and custom crop solutions made with patented plant and seaweed extract formulas. A subsidiary of the Groupe Roullier, the company is headquartered outside Reading, Pa., with manufacturing facilities in Georgia, New York, Michigan, Illinois, and Pennsylvania. For more information, visit For additional media information about BLUE, visit Media Assets: Media Contact Dawn Pelon 610-585-7901


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