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New Apogee technology infrastructure manages, processes and standardizes geospatial agronomic data

St, Louis, Missouri – INTENT, formerly known as IN10T, is excited to announce the development of Apogee, a modern technology infrastructure for use in agriculture that will support artificial intelligence (AI)-powered solutions and enable industry-changing innovations to reach the market faster and more reliably than ever before – increasing productivity, enhancing efficiency, and improving sustainability. Artificial intelligence delivers new value to the agriculture industry. The overall market for AI in agriculture is projected to grow from an estimated $1.0 billion in 2020 to $4 billion by 2026, according to MarketsandMarkets. Adopting a data-centric approach leads to increased agricultural efficiency, improved yields and reduced production costs. To facilitate adoption, the infrastructure to support AI-driven approaches must be available for the growing number of participants – from start-ups to multinational enterprises. Apogee will provide the ready-made infrastructure required for the agriculture industry to embrace digital transformation and leverage modern on-farm data collection. Developed specifically for agriculture, Apogee will deliver rapid, actionable insights by providing flexible infrastructure to manage, process and standardize geospatial data at scale. Powered by the Google Cloud Platform and with the ability to ingest data from a broad range of digital farm systems, remote sensors and public sources, Apogee will level the playing field for companies of all sizes to develop their own AI-led applications and solutions. INTENT will be the first to migrate to the Apogee infrastructure with its new INvision Trials platform that will launch ahead of the 2023 growing season. A full suite of APIs for Apogee, ranging from imagery to machine data to analytics, will be available to external clients following the release of the new INvision Trials. “I am thrilled at the significant leap forward Apogee will deliver, not only for INTENT, but as an urgently needed solution for the entire agriculture industry,” said INTENT Chief Executive Officer Randy Barker. “For the past seven years, we’ve been accelerating product adoption – we know what it takes to lead with a data-centric approach. Apogee is built to manage the problems of today’s innovators and will scale dramatically to support the AI-powered solutions of our future.” Overall, Apogee will support the use of data-driven insight generation in agriculture and enable AI-based solutions. INTENT remains at the forefront of digital agriculture adoption while ensuring success for innovators and farmers alike in creating a more efficient and sustainable future for the agriculture industry.

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About INTENT INTENT is a technology and insights company that helps agribusiness clients realize the potential of their innovations by reducing the friction from ideation to commercialization. Backed by the power of Apogee infrastructure, INTENT collects and interprets geospatial agronomic data with scale, speed and precision to produce the insights needed to move clients, and agriculture, forward.

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Erica Ballmer-Riley CLUTCH 608-931-2721


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