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MyLand Welcomes Bill Mennell as Principal of Strategy and Analysis

Phoenix, AZ | MyLand, a soil health company, announced Bill Mennell joined the company’s leadership team as Principal, Strategy and Analysis, to identify and pursue new business opportunities for MyLand’s unique Soil as a Service (SaaS) solution.

In his role, Mennell will focus on partnership expansion, natural asset strategies, and identifying the agriculture sectors where the MyLand System® can have the greatest impact for growers. Mennell began his role in May 2023. He reports to Dane Hague, MyLand CEO and Co-founder, and oversees the Algae, Ag Science, and Data teams, where he aims to advance MyLand’s technical expertise.

“Bill is uniquely qualified to take MyLand forward in our growth and sustainability efforts, and his expertise will help us better serve our customers and stakeholders,” says Hague. “With his background and understanding of soil, water, climate, and agriculture’s influence on each, Bill will play a crucial role in our company’s future."

Mennell’s contributions will further the company’s efforts to increase grower ROI from MyLand’s proprietary Soil as a Service® solution. Water savings, nutrient reduction, improved nutrient cycling, carbon storage, and credit application all drive economic returns to the farmer beyond yield improvement. His role will directly impact MyLand’s efforts to increase growers’ productivity, economic security, and profitability.

“MyLand has tremendous potential to create a healthier world and better future by improving soil health,” said Mennell. “We are building an outstanding team and connecting with external partners to position MyLand for growth and expansion. MyLand is the only organization supporting growers through data-driven efforts with live, native microalgae and Exceptional Service.”

Mennell brings diverse professional and academic background to the role with prior leadership experience in corporate development and strategy, including co-founding a healthcare management start-up. He has additional experience in environmental economics consulting, venture capital, agricultural technology, and meteorology. He holds a Master in Soil and Water Science and an MBA in Finance from the University of Arizona.

About MyLand

MyLand is a soil health company. MyLand’s innovative and patented technology and unique Soil as a Service™ approach allows farmers to easily and rapidly implement regenerative agriculture practices and improve their soil health by harnessing the land’s own native ecosystem, because No Two Farms Are Alike™. MyLand partners with farmers to infuse life into their soil, helping to return farms to their most fertile state, achieving greater productivity and enhanced profitability. By improving soil health, MyLand is helping to tackle two of the world’s biggest challenges: food security and climate disruption. For additional information on how MyLand is transforming soil health globally, visit


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