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Michael Hoxmeier Joins Meristem Team

ORLEANS, Neb. and COLUMBUS, Ohio (AgPR) | Experienced crop input specialist Michael Hoxmeier has joined Meristem Crop Performance® Group, LLC (, one of the fastest-growing crop input suppliers in America. Hoxmeier becomes Meristem’s sales rep and dealer coach in Nebraska.

“Michael Hoxmeier is a service-oriented expert at helping farmers get solid crop production results,” says Mitch Eviston, Meristem Founder and CEO, in announcing the hire. “Michael has a passion for serving farmers and we are excited to gain the value of his experience as we continue to grow our Meristem business throughout Nebraska.”

Hoxmeier most recently served as a customer business advisor for Bayer Crop Science, where he counseled Bayer customers as a local expert with a key focus on DEKALB/Asgrow brands. Before that, he honed his skills as a seedsman during seven years with AgriGold Hybrids as a key account specialist.

“Meristem’s entrepreneurial approach and effort to reduce waste in the distribution system really appeals to me,” says Hoxmeier of his new mission. “There’s a lot of excitement around biologicals as new technology that can help farmers make the most of every seed they plant. I’m excited about bringing Meristem’s innovation to more farmers who can benefit.”

Hoxmeier earned a business education degree from the University of Nebraska, so he is uniquely suited to bringing more understanding to growers. He grew up on a family crop and livestock farm near Orleans, Neb., and currently lives with his family about a mile down the road from that on-going operation. He and his wife Bridget have five children: Leah, Emma, Josie, Max, and Noah.

“There’s all of this potential – science and traits – in a bag of seed, yet we’re still having the same kind of conversation around seed decisions that we had when hybrids were introduced,” he says. “With the kind of innovation Meristem is bringing to the market there’s an opportunity for a whole new conversation. There’s more value for farmers in what’s available today.”

“I really love the challenge of helping crop producers figure out how to increase yield at a better ROI,” Hoxmeier says. “Biologicals are working now, and there’s still much to learn. There’s a lot of education we can do to help farmers use them to gain a better ROI (return on investment).”

Meristem Crop Performance Group, LLC ( is one of the fastest-growing crop input companies in America. Meristem sources, formulates, licenses, and delivers high-quality crop inputs to farmers at the highest possible value offering substantial savings. Meristem is focused on building a highly efficient channel to bring crop inputs to market so farm businesses can make the most of their infrastructure and intellectual property investments and better compete in the global agricultural market. Meristem’s team of experienced ag professionals also works to create real productivity gains for farm businesses through novel biological delivery systems and accelerated access to farm-ready innovation.

For more information, go to our website at, or follow us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.


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