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Make the environmental markets work for you

Houston, Texas | As we finish out the year, everybody watched with curiosity as the environmental asset marketplace rapidly evolved — who is paying for it? How much effort will it take? Does it matter to my business or is it someone else’s game? 2022 produced several notable events pointing toward a very positive future for farmers and ranchers to achieve financial rewards from regenerative practices, but how will that look moving into 2023? We believe every producer works daily to be a good steward of their land, and now they will finally have more options for monetizing those sustainable practices and creating environmental assets. At Arva Intelligence, our mission is to champion agriculture’s massive role in this global journey, and it goes far beyond just carbon. Arva connects farmers and ranchers, through their trusted advisors and suppliers, to buyers in the environmental markets for sustainability claims, Scope 3 emission reductions, and carbon offset credits. We have been busy working with Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies as well as energy companies seeking to incentivize sustainability through their supply chain and decarbonize via the carbon offset markets, respectively. Arva also participated in multiple winning USDA Climate Smart Commodity Partnership proposals. In total the USDA will invest $3.1 billion to reduce GHG emissions through sustainable farming and ranching practices over five years beginning in 2024. Whether farmers and ranchers have already implemented regenerative practices or are on the path to adopt them, we quantify their impact and generate new revenue streams from their sustainable efforts. No matter where a producer is on that journey, Arva’s CropForce technology provides a whole-farm approach to connect them with opportunities to generate additional profit from enhanced agronomy and environmental stewardship on a field-by-field basis. Our client journey begins with the data producers and advisors already have and walks them through a simple three step process to demonstrate the value producers can capture:

1) Agronomic Optimization

Carbon emission reductions and sustainability are the result of well executed agronomic decisions. Arva’s CropForce technology matches genetics and fertility by environment to assist advisors in optimizing resources and land use for their producers to enhance profitability and sustainability.

2) Sustainability Claims

Responding to consumer demands, Arva works with Consumer-Packaged Goods (CPGs) companies to track and manage sustainability programs that incentivize producers to adopt management practices that produce environmental benefits like water savings, biodiversity, and soil health.

3) Carbon Offset and Scope 3 Emission Reduction Credits

Documenting a producer’s sustainable agronomic practices, Arva’s CropForce platform generates high fidelity GHG emission reduction credits for sale to industrial buyers as Carbon Offset Credits or CPGs looking to reduce their Scope 3 emissions through Inset Credits. Let us share a few of our recent projects and continue the conversation with you about how Arva can help your company refine and achieve its sustainability goals in the coming year. Reach out to me by email at and let me know how we can serve you and your clients. Riceland Foods Nestlé Purina Sustainability Program powered by Arva

Riceland, Nestlé, and Arva announced a first of its kind Sustainability Program to match GHG emissions reductions with rice purchased by Nestlé. Through its partnership with Riceland Foods, Arva will capture producer data and quantify GHG reductions and environmental co-benefits with farmers who have adopted or are adopting regenerative ag practices associated with their rice cultivation.

USDA Climate Smart Commodity Projects

Arva’s CropForce technology will validate and quantify environmental benefits from on-farm regenerative practices undertaken by participants in USDA awarded projects totalling $130 million, creating value-added marketing opportunities for these commodities and data integrity on which CPG and other buyers can depend. 1) USA Rice and Ducks Unlimited – Rice Stewardship for Climate-Smart Commodities

2) American Carbon Registry — Growing Value for Producers

3) Global Clean Energy — Climate-Smart Camelina Strategic Partnership with SLB Global energy service company Schlumberger, now SLB, focuses on decarbonizing hard-to-abate industries worldwide has partnered with Arva to offer Nature-Based Carbon Offset Solutions to its portfolio of services. Arva working with SLB will give SLB clients access to Nature-Based Carbon Offset credits as well as a technology solution to assist clients in developing their own carbon offset projects. Together we are working with several of the top energy companies to announce large-scale offset projects for 2023, as well as to expand the Arva platform to include timber and rangeland capabilities. Patent approvals The US Patent Office has recently awarded Arva intellectual property ownership for methods to predict which agricultural practices provide the best crop yield and ROI for specific environmental conditions including seed genetics, micro-climates and soil sustainability additives. These patents use AI-generated soil clusters that respond uniformly to management and regenerative practice changes, enabling dollar value predictions for large scale nature-based carbon in the form of offset and inset credits. About Arva Intelligence Arva Intelligence is a Houston-based data company powering agronomic optimization and environmental market solutions. Arva leverages field data to improve yield, lower cost, reduce risk, and maximize the value between environmental stewardship and economic profit. By providing a clear pathway for the supply and demand sides of the carbon and sustainability markets to interact, engage, and transact, Arva is uniquely positioned to facilitate agriculture’s massive role in the global journey to carbon neutrality. For more information, visit


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