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Join 1000+ Farms That Have Increased Their Sales with Overnight RV Stays

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Harvest Hosts connects farms and other small businesses (“Hosts”) to an extensive network of self-contained RVers to boost annual revenue by an average of $13K. As part of the Harvest Hosts program, thousands of host locations across North America simply offer RVers a one-night stay on their property, and, in return, RVers patronize the Host's business via onsite purchases or tips. No hook-ups or services are required to host.

The program is a cost-free opportunity, and 100% of the money spent at small businesses goes straight to the Host. Members spend millions of dollars each year visiting Harvest Hosts locations and love to support small businesses, such as farms!

Applying to become a Host is easy! The program is streamlined and entirely customizable to fit your needs. Hosts can accept or deny stay requests using SMS (text messaging) or email, manage the number of RVs, and set blackout dates, in addition to many other features.

Whether you have a produce stand, ranch tours, or an experience to sell, Harvest Hosts Members are ready to visit you! Members spend an average of $50 per night at each host location through the purchase of goods or services. With more than 200K Members using the platform, there are so many great benefits of becoming a Host!

For more information or if you are ready to sign up to become a Host, send us an email at to get started and be sure to include the best phone number to reach you at.

Joel Holland, CEO of Harvest Hosts, was recently a guest on North American Ag Spotlight podcast. Listen below to learn more about how farms are increasing their annual revenue with Harvest Hosts!


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