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Illinois Agronomist Alex Bond Joins Meristem Crop Performance

ELLERY, Ill. and COLUMBUS, Ohio (AgPR) | Another leading agronomic professional has joined Meristem Crop Performance, one of the fastest-growing crop input suppliers in America. Alex Bond becomes a sales representative for Meristem in Illinois. With experience as a seedsman and with biologicals, Bond is well positioned to help growers boost their profitability with Meristem’s product portfolio.

“We are growing quickly and grateful to have Alex Bond aboard to help us carry out our mission,” said Mitch Eviston, Meristem founder and CEO. “Alex has a lot of experience with the issues Illinois growers face and it’s exciting to turn this experienced agronomist loose to serve farmers with our growing line of high-quality products.”

Bond earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Lincoln (Illinois) Christian University, and spent more than five years as a territory manager for Corteva, where he worked to guide farmers in selecting the right Pioneer number for their specific needs. After a stint as an ag banker for Princeville State Bank, Bond joined Sound Agriculture as regional sales manager and learned more about the dynamics of effective use of biologicals in crop production. At Meristem, he seeks to build on all of this knowledge and field experience.

“Farmers are out to gain a better return, but they also want to protect their land for future generations,” says Bond. “Meristem leadership really has a passion for those two objectives and that fits well with my mission in life, too. I want to help farmers improve their yields and do it more efficiently.”

Bond and his wife Jessica live near Ellery, Illinois and have five children: Evelyn, Warren, Camille, Meredith and Rosalind. They live on her family's grain and livestock farm.

Mitch (Eviston), Rob (McClelland), and Peter (Rousonelos) have really been applying themselves to maximizing the genetic potential of every seed and helping farmers be more efficient. With our product portfolio you truly can help farmers get more bushels for less.”

Bond says the first Meristem product that really piqued his interest was REVLINE® HOPPER THROTTLE™. He’s also seen a lot of grower interest in Meristem’s MAINTAIN ELITE™. “Maintain Elite holds on to more nitrogen and still maintains the health of your biology in the soil. Our dealers and farmers like it because it’s also easier to mix.”

Meristem Crop Performance Group, LLC ( is one of the fastest-growing crop input companies in America. Meristem sources, formulates, licenses, and delivers high-quality crop inputs to farmers at a price point empowering them to gain real productivity by increasing yields and lowering their per unit production cost. Meristem is building a highly efficient channel to bring crop inputs to market, reducing waste and accelerating access to farm-ready innovations, such as their patented BioCapsule Technology™ and Microbilize Technology™ biological delivery systems. For more information, visit or follow Meristem Crop Performance on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.


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