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Harvest Hosts: "Harvesting" Profits with a New Revenue Stream for Farmers

This week Chrissy Wozniak has the opportunity to speak with the CEO Joel Holland of Harvest Hosts, a membership program that connects RVers with unique overnight experiences at 3,000+ wineries, farms, breweries, museums, golf courses, churches and other interesting destinations in the US and Canada. Hosts simply offer RVers a one-night stay on their property, and, in return, RVers patronize the Host's business while spending the night. Our program is a cost-free opportunity and 100% of the money spent onsite goes straight to the Host. Their members spend millions of dollars each year while visiting Harvest Hosts locations and love to support small businesses. According to Allied Market Research, agritourism was valued at over $42 million in 2019, and is estimated to reach over $62 million by 2027. Not only can producers open up a secondary income stream, but they can also make a difference by impacting the perception of farming to people who may have little to no connection with the land. Applying to become a Host is easy! Visit now if you're interested in creating a separate revenue stream for your farm! Open to farms across North America.


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