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Harvest Harmonics on Reducing Chemical Fertilizers & Pesticides While Improving the Quality of Food

Today Chrissy Wozniak is sitting down with Jim Kurtz of Harvest Harmonics to discuss reducing chemical fertilizers & pesticides while improving the quality of food in modern ag.

Harvest Harmonics helps farmers around the world grow healthier, more productive plants. They offer a revolutionary product named the Kyminasi Plant Booster that uses the most advanced crop booster technology in agriculture.

The Kyminasi Plant Booster is easy to install, ready to go, advanced custom micro transmitters utilizing 3000+ low-frequency radio waves attached to an irrigation system. KPB is activated when water first flows past it. KPB is custom-sized for each farm designed to work with all crops planted on soil. No power system or maintenance is required. Irrigation devices use an advanced signaling system to boost photosynthesis and crop yields in plants.

To learn more about Harvest Harmonics and the Kyminasi Plant Booster, visit

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