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Gutwein Seed Services Partners with Streamline Ag to Introduce Revolutionary TuneUp+ System For Advanced Biological Suppression of Corn Rootworm and Soybean Cyst Nematode

RENSSELAER, Ind. (AgPR) | Gutwein Seed Services, a trusted name in providing agricultural solutions in the heart of the corn and soybean belt, is proud to announce a partnership with Streamline Ag in offering groundbreaking biological pest solutions for corn rootworms and soybean cyst nematodes. This innovative collaboration introduces the TuneUp+ system, a planter box delivery system with BIO-CAPSULE™ Technology that offers a game-changing advancement in biological pest suppression.

Located in Rensselaer, Ind., Gutwein serves farmers in Northwest Indiana and the surrounding areas with seed, inputs and agronomic information.

“Adding these revolutionary products is a perfect match for our pace-setting seed genetics,” said Brock Gutwein, owner of Gutwein Seed Services. “We are proud to have distribution of the system and the farmers we serve will benefit in terms of yields and return on investment.”

The TuneUp+ system for corn and soybeans sets a new standard by using BIO-CAPSULE Technology to preserve the vitality of biological microbes to the furrow, enabling them to effectively combat pests after application. This technology is a significant leap forward in the world of agricultural biologicals, providing farmers with a powerful tool to protect their crops and increase bushels.

"Gutwein Seed Services is a trusted partner to farmers, and we are excited about offering this delivery system in combination with our rootworm and nematode microbials,” said Paul Konrad, Managing Director for Streamline Ag, in expressing his enthusiasm for the partnership. “This is a perfect matchup and one that offers huge benefits for farmers who work with Gutwein. This is an all-around winning combination, and we are grateful to Gutwein for taking this step with us by offering this next-generation delivery system for these revolutionary biopesticides and bionematicides."

These specialized solutions for corn rootworms and soybean cyst nematodes are just a part of the integrated BIO-CAPSULE platform. This system provides a comprehensive toolbox of biological agronomic solutions safely packaged for convenient deployment at planting.

The BIO-CAPSULEs are also charged with Terraysm® and a powerful combination of N-fixing microbes released at planting time into a unique ion-encapsulated zinc-rich micronutrient blend. This mixture is carried to the furrow in a talc/graphite seed fluency agent. In-field research has demonstrated up to 10 times the number of live microbes can be delivered through the planter box when compared to seed treatment or liquid starter. Now, those innovations also empower biological suppresses for rootworms and nematodes.

"This system allows us to keep microbes dependably vigorous all the way to field level and in a high enough concentration to benefit crops and attack pests,” said Konrad, highlighting the significance of this product. “This brings the optimum load of biologicals and microbes to the crop and puts them, safely, right where they need to be. Now, corn rootworms and soybean cyst nematodes are in the crosshairs of effective biological products that are alive and ready to go to work when they hit the soil."

Gutwein Seed Services, with its commitment to innovation and excellence, is thrilled to be offering both biological pest suppression options as part of the Tune Up+ system.

“This partnership represents a significant step forward in sustainable agriculture, providing our farmer customers with cutting-edge tools to protect their crops while minimizing environmental impact,” said Konrad.

For more information about Gutwein Seed Services visit

About Gutwein Seed Services: Gutwein Seed Services is a leading provider of agricultural solutions, dedicated to helping farmers achieve higher yields and greater sustainability in their operations. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, Gutwein Seed Services offers seed and a wide range of products and services to support the success of farmers.

About Streamline Ag: Streamline Ag is focused on improved plant health to increase crop yields. Streamline Ag’s portfolio of products addresses the emerging need for a seed-driven approach to micronutrients and recommendations on nutrient timing. Streamline Ag believes every grower can benefit from a quality nutrient with Streamline Ag products at every crop stage. Streamline Ag is a trademark of Rob-See-Co , LLC.


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