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From a German Family Farm to International Ag Entrepreneur: Marcel Kringe & the Bushel Plus Story

This week Chrissy Wozniak sits down with Marcel Kringe to hear the Bushel Plus Story. From a German Family Farm to International Ag Entrepreneur, Kringe has a robust and unique history in farming around the globe!

Marcel Kringe, grew up on a family farm in Germany, where he pursued an AG Engineering degree. Work & travel studies in Canada, Russia and Brazil led him to move to Canada. He has learned English on the go while working on different farm operations all over Canada, before settling in Brandon MB for a job as a Cargill Agronomist. Marcel left his corporate career and focused full-time on his hobby, called Bushel Plus. Today, the Agricultural products of Bushel Plus are sold in 28 countries and Marcel since co founded another manufacturing, as well as a custom software development company.

Marcel works tirelessly to develop a great working environment for his teams and new products in pursuit of ensuring the safety and profitability of farmers!

The Bushel Plus System is the authentic combine calibration system, designed to quantify your harvest loss by determining exactly how accurate your combine is calibrated. Every farmer’s goal is to maximize efficiency and to minimize combine losses during harvest. We offer the most reliable and robust calibration system for the harvest industry – which makes our all-in-one system the #1 combine loss measurement system and device on the market. The Bushel Plus system includes precise, dependable instruments that are designed to easily be used with any combine. With your safety in mind, all units are remote controlled and portable so that no wiring or bolts are needed to attach to any combine. Our magnetic drop pan can be used with multiple machines and is easy to move from one combine to the other – no tools needed!

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