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Fourteen Organizations Selected to Partner with NASDA Foundation

NASDA | The National Association of State Departments of Agriculture Foundation is pleased to announce 14 sub-awardees of the NASDA Foundation - U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Historically Underserved Farmers Cooperative Agreement. Organizations selected to help underserved farmers steward natural resources and improve water quality and habitats to benefit the Gulf of Mexico Watershed ecosystems include:

  • Cherokee Historical State Resort Park of Aurora (KY)

  • Cowan Community Action Group, Inc. (KY)

  • Kentucky Agriculture Development Advocacy (KY)

  • Simpson County Conservation District (KY)

  • Pasa Sustainable Agriculture (PA/WV)

  • Cumberland River Compact (TN)

  • Sullivan County Soil and Water Conservation District (TN)

  • The University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture (TN)

  • Holston River Soil and Water Conservation District (VA)

  • Appalachian Sustainable Development (VA)

  • Clinch Valley Soil and Water Conservation District (VA)

  • Evergreen Soil & Water Conservation District (VA)

  • School of Animal Sciences, Virginia Tech (VA)

  • West Virginia Conservation Agency (WV)

These 14 organizations showed distinct and robust potential to help positively impact the Gulf of Mexico watershed and are rooted in the local communities of the surrounding areas,” NASDA Foundation Senior Director Chris Jones said. “We look forward to collaborating with EPA and the sub-awardees over the next three-and-a half years to ensure more farmers have access to the tools needed to best steward their land and our shared natural resources.” The applications were reviewed by a technical advisory team made up of soil and water conservation experts nominated by commissioners, secretaries and directors of agriculture from EPA Ohio-Tennessee region including David Hanselmann (OH), Kurt Mason (KY), Darwin Newton (TN), Ruth Pike (KY) and Alan Walker (NC).

“NASDA Foundation thanks the technical advisory team for laboriously reviewing the applications to select top-of-the-line organizations to work with and elevate underserved farmers and ensure the selection process was effective, balanced and followed EPA guidelines,” Jones said. Applications for sub-awards were open to organizations in the EPA’s Ohio-Tennessee Region, which comprises Kentucky, Tennessee and parts of Indiana, Maryland, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia.

Photo Courtesy of The Resource Institute. Background:

The NASDA Foundation was awarded $3 million in cooperative agreement funding by the EPA’s Gulf of Mexico Division and has a full-time employee and subject matter expert engaged with these sub-awards to ensure adequate assistance and thoroughness in project implementation. The purpose of the cooperative agreement is to assist underserved farmers, protect and improve water quality and natural habitats while also providing benefits for climate mitigation and adaptation.


TheNASDA Foundation is the only educational and research organization that directly serves the nation’s state departments of agriculture. The NASDA Foundation’s mission is to enhance American food and agricultural communities through education, outreach and research. The NASDA Foundation works with states to nourish people and communities while serving as the stewards of the environment and public trust. To learn more about the NASDA Foundation, please visit the organization’s website.


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