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5 Minute Features with Finding Success on Your Farm

Common Values

In this North American Ag 5 Minute Feature Andy 'Caygeon' Junkin lays out how to align values among the members of your family and business. Having a good understanding of where each members values lay, and agreeing on which values are shared and leveraged for farm success is an important step in Bulletproofing your farm! Don’t let stubborn get in the way of good ideas and smart decision-making! provides farmers a time and place to listen, share ideas, and make decisions together as a team. It is by transforming how your family makes and implements decisions together, many of their clients nearly double their profitability. Visit to claim your free book 'Bulletproof Your Farm'.


In this North American Ag 5 Minute Feature Andy 'Caygeon' Junkin lays out how to address narcissism on your farm. Narcissism can have a significant impact on family relationships, often leading to strained or even broken bonds between family members. Narcissists often use emotional manipulation to control others, and families are not immune to this behavior. They may use guilt, shame, or fear to exert control over family members, making them feel responsible for the narcissist's emotional well-being. Visit to claim your free book 'Bulletproof Your Farm'.

Talent Development

In this 5 minute feature Andy 'Caygeon' Junkin lays out how to develop the talent in the next generation on the farm. Learn the tools to Bulletproof your farm! It is important to learn from the last generation because they have a vast amount of knowledge and experience, passing on this knowledge is crucial for the long-term success of a farm. Sometimes the older generation is afraid to hand over the reins, Andy gives step by step advice on how to promote this information transfer, at a pace that works for your farm. By engaging with the last generation, we can build stronger bonds between generations, and ensure that their contributions to our society are cherished and remembered. Visit to claim your free book 'Bulletproof Your Farm'.

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