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Farmmee App Adds New Category

Des Moines, IA | Just in time for planting season, Farmmee, the app that is helping farms work, has added welding to its farmer and service provider categories, bringing the types of services offered to 25. Examples of other categories include baling, custom field work, dozing, drone services and various types of tillage.

The app, available in Android and iOS versions, is easy to use and the perfect tool for finding expert farm help and for providing professional farm and ranch services. There are two user categories: farmer and provider. Users can be both if desired. Using a menu, farmers can list jobs they want help with, such as planting, harvesting, hauling cattle, baling hay, trucking and others, including farm hands.

Service providers can list the services they offer, such as spreading manure, hauling hay, agronomy, welding and other types of services.

Once a farmer selects a service, Farmmee finds providers using ZIP codes and counties as locators so providers will know where a job is located. Farmers mark their fields so providers can validate the location for their ability to deliver services to them before offering a quote.

“As planting takes off, we’re seeing more downloads and requests for professional farm help, as well as general labor,” Molly Woodruff, CEO and farmer, says. “Farmmee lets farmers know immediately what type of service providers are nearby.

“We’re open to input, too,” she adds. “Users suggested we add the welding category. Feedback like this helps us keep Farmmee as current and useful as possible.”

One attribute of the app users report liking is that Farmmee charges a small, one-time fee to farming providers once they accept a job, rather than a percentage of the total fee paid. Farmers needing help are never charged. Farmers and service providers are free to negotiate their own rates. They can even barter if they want. Farmmee does not take a cut of any transaction.

“Farmers consistently tell us their biggest need, or gap, is when their equipment breaks down or when they need extra equipment quickly. It is hard to find experienced help, especially when they’re working with tight timelines.

“This need for quick connections to farmers, or providers with expertise, has been our mission since we first designed Farmmee – connecting farmers with farmers,” she adds. “The app helps farmers and providers work more efficiently with the time and resources they have by connecting them and their expertise to each other.”

Iowa born. Iowa operated.

Farmmee was created in Iowa and maintains operations there. Woodruff and her husband operate a diversified farm. Cindy Rockwell, director of business development, owns an Iowa corn and soybean farm and Becky McCrea, chief technology officer, is also an Iowa resident. In addition to farming, the three are involved in the information technology sector.

“There are still lots of jobs farmers need to get done before planting is over,” Woodruff says. “Farmmee is ready to connect farmers and providers now, through the growing season and during harvest. We’ll also be incorporating improvements in the app as we go along.”

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About Farmmee

Farmmee is a female farmer-owned, Iowa-based company that connects farmers to farmers in their most critical times of need. We create real-time connections between farmers who want to capitalize on their equipment and service investments while helping other farmers. We also help farmers find the services they need when they need them.


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