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ERD Develops New Wiring Harness for John Deere Baler

KERNERSVILLE, NC. March 3, 2023| Wiring harnesses are typically outdoors and exposed to the elements, and corrosion mitigation for these devices is essential. This is why ERD has developed a new wiring harness for John Deere balers. ERD, a company that specializes in electronic repair & refurbishing, recently announced the development of a new wiring harness for John Deere's popular baler models. The new harness is designed to provide a solution to farmers when factory parts become unavailable, as well as provide more reliable performance. The new wiring harness is designed to be more durable, it features a thicker gauge wire, improved connections, and a better design that ensures that the wires will stay in place and not become loose or damaged. This will help to reduce the number of repairs and maintenance that is needed to keep the baler running at its best.

The development of the new wiring harness is part of ERD's commitment to providing the highest quality products to their customers. The company has been keeping older model machinery running in the agricultural industry for decades, enabling farmers and ranchers to continue to get the most out of their equipment.

These wiring harnesses are not only for John Deere balers, they can be customized for essentially any type of machine that has a wiring harness. They have been providing these solutions for Cascadia Freightliners.

The electronic repair/refurbishing process is simple and effective. With twenty plus years of experience in refurbishing legacy and new electronics, ERD is the repair center of choice. Their global leading 3-year warranty is backed by our technical group averaging over 20 years of electronic refurbishing experience. Over the years they have repaired more than 4,500 OEM product categories.

They are proud and privileged to be a recipient of the U.S. Presidential “E” Award. This prestigious award is given each year in Washington DC to less than 100 organizations across the country for excellence in exporting. Extending the use life of electronics is a win for everyone because the process reduces waste in global landfills and eliminates the need to buy expensive new equipment.

Learn more, and order your wiring harness at


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