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Does Stubborn Live on Your Farm?

In this week's North American Ag Spotlight Chrissy Wozniak has an inspiring conversation with Andy 'Caygeon' Junkin about his struggle that almost ended in suicide. He's now devoted his life to helping farm families survive and thrive while passing their legacy to the next generation.

He's had nearly 15 years of helping stubborn farmers work better together, and says, "I'm proud I have saved hundreds of family farms, but my biggest life accomplishment is marrying the right girl and having a marriage that has exceeded my expectations." Hear his whole story as we put the Ag Spotlight on

Farm succession is simply strategic planning. Yet, it can be deeply emotional for all involved because it impacts everyone’s future. If your family is stubborn with each other everyday, what should be an afternoon conversation, almost always escalates into a 10-year family feud.

Does stubborn live on your farm?

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