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Cattle Group Addresses mRNA Concerns; Concludes MCOOL for Beef Is Needed ASAP

BILLINGS, Mont., | On Monday, following a meeting he had with medical doctors and a molecular biologist, R-CALF USA Animal Health Committee Chair, Max Thornsberry, DVM, briefed the R-CALF USA board on the status of mRNA injections in the global protein supply chain. Thornsberry reported that some researchers have found that mRNA and its coded virus is likely passed from an injected human to a noninjected human, and to humans who have consumed dairy products or meat from an mRNA-injected animal. He said that because the research on mRNA is still in its infancy, no one really knows the full impact it has on either humans or animals, particularly its long-term impact. He said this itself warrants more extensive mRNA research focused on safety, heightened public vigilance, and greater transparency.

Thornsberry pointed out that the United States has not approved mRNA injections in cattle, but they are in use on a limited basis in swine. He said the dilemma for beef is that the U.S. is importing more and more beef from many different countries, some of which either already are or plan to begin using mRNA in cattle for such cattle diseases as foot-and-mouth disease and lumpy skin disease.

“This points to the urgent need for MCOOL (mandatory country of origin labeling),” he said adding, “Consumers deserve the right to choose whether to consume beef from a country where mRNA injections are being given to cattle, and the only way they can have that choice is if Congress passes MCOOL for beef.”

Due to the information presented by Thornsberry, the R-CALF USA board passed a motion to bring this issue before the R-CALF USA membership at its next annual meeting to determine policy direction for the organization.

Until that policy is fully developed, R-CALF USA strongly reinforces the need for mandatory country of origin labeling (the American Beef Labeling Act, S. 52) on beef immediately. R-CALF USA President Brett Kenzy said, “Without an MCOOL label on our beef, the American consumer has no way of knowing if the beef they are buying is coming from a country using this debatable mRNA technology in their cattle health management.”

Kenzy pointed out that as new information is becoming public about the use of the controversial mRNA vaccine technology in cattle health protocols in foreign countries, at the same time beef imports have been increasing while the United States cattle inventory continues to contract, surpassing 60-year inventory lows. He said the result is that our domestic beef demand is fast becoming more dependent on the global beef supply chain, which makes enactment of MCOOL all the more urgent.

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Ranchers Cattlemen Action Legal Fund United Stockgrowers of America (R-CALF USA) is the largest producer-only lobbying and trade association representing U.S. cattle producers. It is a national, nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring the continued profitability and viability of the U.S. cattle industry. Visit or call (406) 252-2516 for more information.


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