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Burr : Bureau of land Management has it wrong with new conservation rule

POCATELLO, ID | "I am confident we will make a difference, because we already are. Every week new members of Congress are joining the effort to oppose this rule. Hundreds of clubs and organizations from all user groups are uniting to oppose this rule. We have mobilized thousands of activists to make personal comments to the BLM."

And BRC has been leading the effort to shape the media narrative around this issue. In addition to playing a leading role in opposing this BLM rule that will almost certainly be used as a tool to restrict your access to over 240 million acres of BLM land, BRC is leading the way in other fights.

We are actively engaged in over 300 federal planning proposals across the nation, and in every single one of these we are adding a strong voice for expanded recreation access on public lands and waters.

We are fighting through litigation to protect your recreation adventures in Idaho, California, and Utah. Our legal challenge against the abuse of the Antiquities Act continues to move forward, and our case has been combined with the case brought by the State of Utah.

Federal agency travel plans are literally where the rubber hits the dirt road, as they determine which roads will be designated as open for motorized recreation. We are currently engaged on 7 major travel plans that are in the process of environmental review.

We have appealed or filed objections on 5 completed travel plans. By filing these appeals we are preserving our standing to litigate if that becomes necessary.

We have facilitated 3,990 comments to be submitted on these plans, which will affect recreation access on thousands of miles of routes.

According to our current performance metrics, for every $500 we raise, we can engage on one federal planning project that will impact recreation access and engage on average 363 activists. President Biden’s Administration has been relentless in advancing dozens of actions that will impact recreation every month.

With actions like the BLM Conservation Rule that will impact access to hundreds of millions of acres, we need to raise tens of thousands of dollars to be able to keep up with the deep-pocketed anti-access groups that are mobilizing 100,000s of the supporters to support shutting you out of your public lands.


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