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Black’s Valley Ag Teams with Meristem Crop Performance

DURAND, Wisc. (AgPR) | Black’s Valley Ag of Durand, Wisconsin, has selected Meristem Crop Performance to be their marketing partner for specialty crop input products, including the newly patented BIOCAPSULE™ and MICROBILIZE™ biological delivery systems. “It’s exciting for us to be teamed up with Black’s Valley Ag,” said Mitch Eviston, Meristem Founder and CEO. “The team there has been bringing agronomic know-how and proven success to growers in Wisconsin, and we’re glad to be riding with them on their mission of helping farmers win.” “We chose to work with Meristem because of their outstanding people and products,” said Jason Marten, Agronomy Sales Manager of Black’s Valley Ag in announcing the alliance. “We’re thrilled to be working with the Meristem team to help our farmers raise more bushels and keep more of what they earn from each one." When founded in 1990, Black's Valley Ag's product sales consisted of feed, seed, and lawn and garden equipment/service. They’ve since expanded to include dry fertilizer blending and application, ag chemicals sales and application, liquid fertilizer sales, and a bulk soybean seed facility to sell, treat, and deliver soybean seed in bulk. Black’s Valley Ag has certified crop advisors (CCA) to assist in customer farm management needs, including nutrient management plans (NMP). “We’ve always had as our motto ‘People Helping People,’ said Marten. “Sticking to that simple concept has allowed our business to grow, and our alliance with Meristem is a key next step of better serving our farmer-customers and seeing continuous improvements in their farming operations.” Team-up of Meristem and Black’s Valley Ag follows Meristem’s recent publication of independent research results demonstrating superior performance by biologicals applied through patented BIO-CAPSULE™ and MICROBILIZE™ microbe delivery systems. “Our REVLINE™ HOPPER THROTTLE™ planter box treatment, powered by BIO-CAPSULE™ keeps the microbes separate from the talc/graphite and the micronutrients until they are deployed at planting,” said Izaak Rathke, regional sales director of Meristem. “That keeps the microbes healthy all the way to the furrow and that can help boost yields.” The result, says Rathke, is plants out of the ground fast, gaining an early canopy and maximizing seed genetics. EXCAVATOR™, powered by MICROBILIZE™, is a product with a powerful consortium of microbial strains designed to break residue down faster, thereby releasing nutrients for the following crop. “MICROBILIZE” refers to a patented surfactant agent that helps bind the bacteria to the residue in a way that speeds activity. The product is effective as a spring application or applied post-harvest. Marten says it’s new technology like this that makes Meristem such a great fit for Black’s Valley Ag. “At Black’s Valley Ag we work every day to deliver an experience that pushes the performance of every seed and every acre, and Meristem’s product line will boost our ability to do exactly that,” Marten says. “Meristem’s robust portfolio to improve yield with every pass a farmer makes through the field can help boost profits higher. It’s always about helping our farmer-customers make the most of every acre they farm,” he says. About Black’s Valley Ag Black’s Valley Ag ( is a family-owned, independent agriculture retailer serving farmers in West Central Wisconsin. Founded in 1990, we have grown from humble beginnings into a full service retailer capable of serving any sized farmers’ needs. At Black's we believe in doing business the right way: by serving our growers through honesty, integrity, quality, and by providing the very best products and services that will help our growers succeed. About Meristem Crop Performance Meristem Crop Performance Group, LLC ( is one of the fastest-growing crop input companies in America. Meristem sources, formulates, licenses, and delivers high-quality crop inputs to farmers at the highest possible value offering substantial savings. Meristem is focused on building a highly efficient channel to bring crop inputs to market so farm businesses can make the most of their infrastructure and intellectual property investments and better compete in the global agricultural market. Meristem’s team of experienced ag professionals also works to create real productivity gains for farm businesses through novel biological delivery systems and accelerated access to farm-ready innovations. For more information, go to, or follow us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.


Media Contact: K. Elliott Nowels


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