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American Agri-Women Release Vision for 2023 Farm Bill

WASHINGTON, D.C. (AgPR) | “We in agriculture need to block out the noise and move forward with a vision that works to solve the critical problems facing our country,” said American Agri-Women (AAW) President Heather Hampton+Knodle. “Agriculture is on the front lines of challenges such as dealing with climate extremes, food security, national security, and worldclass telecommunications to enable further advancements in natural resource management.” Yet, agriculture receives approximately 1% of federal discretionary funding each year. And less than one quarter of a percent of total spending.

AAW’s recent work builds on concepts the group published in 2022 that included fundamentals like well-funded, flexible crop insurance; revitalizing research infrastructure that has outlived its intended life; access to markets and inputs including credit to pay for exponential increases in inputs and equipment; and modernizing aging utilities for water and underserved telecommunications in rural areas.

Additions to the vision include using export programs to secure global supply chain logistics for inputs and exports; increasing programs to support rural, large livestock veterinarians; and workforce development for the timber industry.

AAW envisions a Farm Bill that tailors programs to support a robust and self-sufficient food and agriculture sector based on ownership of private property because it leads to innovation and continual increases in production to feed, clothe and fuel our domestic population and much of the world.

AAW supports food programs as part of the Farm Bill. In order to feed people with programs such as SNAP and school lunches, investments begin at the farm level with critical components for managing risk such as crop insurance and access to credit; research and innovation that is transferred to farms and value-added processing in rural areas; symmetrical connectivity and data transfer for real-time decision making and communications; conservation programs that emphasize the health of working lands rather than discourage their wise use.

Hampton+Knodle said, “We need healthy and vibrant rural communities where we can train qualified minds and hands to enact the vision. The Farm Bill is needed for food security and national security as well as playing roles in maintaining a positive trade balance in agriculture and sustaining rural economies throughout the U.S. Given the importance of agriculture to solving key problems in nutrition, trade, energy, and conservation, AAW believes Congress should increase baseline funding for the Farm Bill.”

AAW’s Vision for the 2023 Farm Bill can be found at

About American Agri-Women

American Agri-Women (AAW) promotes the welfare of our national security through safe and reliable food, fiber and energy supply. Since 1974, AAW members have worked together to educate consumers, advocate for agriculture, and offer networking and professional development opportunities. Go to the AAW website for more information and to join Find AAW on social media at:, (@Women4Ag) and (@americanagriwomen). #standupspeakout4ag


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