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American Agri-Women Honor Manchin and Thompson as 2023 Champions of Agriculture

WASHINGTON, D.C. (AgPR) | American Agri-Women (AAW) honored Senator Joe Manchin (D, WV) and Congressman GT Thompson (R, PA) as Champions of Agriculture during their Fly-In the first week of June. AAW President Heather Hampton+Knodle said, “Senator Manchin has been a voice of reason, standing between those of us who manage natural resources for our livelihoods and onerous regulatory agendas that would severely limit, if not end, our ability to provide food, fiber and energy for our country.” Manchin’s leadership of the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources has been especially important in seeking regulatory reforms of permitting for U.S. energy and mineral projects to require coordinated agency reviews and timelines that would take far less than the current average of 4.5 years merely to acquire a permit. “He understands reliability and certainty are needed for individuals and companies to make investments that translate to jobs in rural areas as well as self-sufficiency and security for our country,” said Hampton+Knodle. She went on to compliment the Senator for his bi-partisan approach and steady hand which requires true leadership. “Speaking in soundbites is easy. But pulling together people from both sides of the aisle to take unified action on controversial issues takes a real Champion.” Hampton+Knodle also complimented Senator Manchin’s efforts to onshore production of key energy supplies such as solar wafers and his outspoken opposition to the Administration allowing the tax credit passed by congress to apply to Chinese-manufactured cells. AAW has emphasized the role of energy security in its webinars on “Global Supply Chains” and “A Secure Food Supply Equals National Security” over the last year as well as in its comments on critical minerals and Securities Exchange Commission proposals related to Environmental Social Governance (ESG) in the last year. The organization recognizes an all-of-the-above energy approach as critical to fueling the production and processing of safe and healthy food for the United States and export. The AAW Fly-In also featured a presentation to Congressman GT Thompson as a 2023 Champion of Agriculture. Hampton+Knodle said, “It is hard to find a better friend and true champion for agriculture – from idea in the research lab to the energy and innovation needed to place food at the center of the consumer’s plate at home and abroad – than GT Thompson.” Thompson’s leadership is felt as Chairman of the House Agriculture Committee. He has led initiatives to rebuild rural communities, to invest in responsible forest management, to restore dairy options in schools, advance broadband that will keep rural communities on the map and allow for advances in precision agriculture, and to reinvest in U.S. research infrastructure and exports. Hampton+Knodle said, “Bottomline, he gets us. Congressman Thompson’s matter-of-fact approach and bipartisan cooperation with ranking member David Scott and many others are signs of statesmanship that recognize the importance of serving the greater good throughout the entire food and renewable fiber and fuel production process.” AAW members submit their nominations to the AAW President each spring. The award was first given in 2010 to recognize members of congress who displayed exemplary courage presenting and supporting legislation that promotes American agriculture, rural American lifestyles and the United States Constitution. AAW is the nation’s largest coalition of women in agriculture with members in 42 states. Learn more about AAW at About American Agri-Women American Agri-Women (AAW) promotes the welfare of our national security through safe and reliable food, fiber and energy supply. Since 1974, AAW members have worked together to educate consumers, advocate for agriculture, and offer networking and professional development opportunities. Go to the AAW website for more information and to join Find AAW on social media at:, (@Women4Ag) and (@americanagriwomen). #standupspeakout4ag

### Media Contact: Laura Hart VP, Communications American Agri-Women


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