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Agricultural Biotech Pioneer David Fischhoff Joins Trillium Ag to Lead Scientific Advisory Board

Seattle, WA | Trillium Ag, an innovative bio-agriculture company driving sustainable solutions for crop protection, today announced that veteran agtech leader David Fischhoff, PhD, has joined the company as Chair of its Scientific Advisory Board. Internationally recognized as one of the founders of agricultural biotechnology, Fischhoff brings nearly 40 years of experience in agricultural research and technological development with a commitment to the advancement of crop protection strategies worldwide.

“We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Fischhoff and look forward to a close collaboration in his role as Chair of our Scientific Advisory Board,” said Todd Hauser, Co-Founder and CEO of Trillium Ag. “In our mission to transform crop protection with more natural, sustainable, and effective approaches, Dr. Fischhoff’s proven expertise and deep industry insights will accelerate those efforts considerably.”

Throughout his career, Dr. Fischhoff has made ground-breaking contributions to the advancement of science and technology in agriculture, resulting in the development of cutting-edge crop protection and insect control strategies. Fischhoff is currently an independent consultant in the field, following his retirement from The Monsanto Company in 2016 after a 33-year career with the agricultural enterprise. He held key roles in leadership and innovation at Monsanto, and served as Chief Scientist of The Climate Corporation, a Monsanto subsidiary, and Co-President of Cereon Genomics, a research venture between Monsanto and Millennium Pharmaceuticals. Fischhoff led the discovery and development of insect-resistant crops, one of the most significant tools used by farmers around the world to combat destructive insect pests.

“I am pleased to join Trillium Ag as Chair of the Scientific Advisory Board,” said Dr. Fischhoff. “Their technology is exciting, innovative, and shows a great deal of promise for significant impact in the industry. I look forward to working with this team on their continued development of novel crop protection products.”

Trillium Ag is currently working to bring its patented crop protection platform, Agrisome, from the research and development stage to broad-scale agricultural application. Agrisome utilizes naturally-derived, protein-coated RNA molecules to establish a new class of biologicals that overcomes key challenges that have hindered previous approaches to RNAi-based crop protection. The platform has proven efficacy in both in vitro and in vivo models, leading to several current collaborations between Trillium Ag and top commercial and academic partners. Additionally, Trillium Ag is home to a pipeline of bio-agricultural products currently in development.

About Trillium Ag

Founded in 2016, Trillium Ag is a sustainable bio-agriculture company uniting technology and RNAi innovation to modernize crop protection practices. Based in Seattle, WA, the company’s mission is to develop more effective and sustainable options for the success of growers worldwide. At the forefront of bio-agricultural innovation, Trillium Ag is committed to fulfilling the promise of RNAi in agriculture. The company’s patented Agrisome platform combines protein and RNA into self-forming entities enabling sustainable crop protection that is effective, scalable, deliverable and programmable. To learn more about Trillium Ag and the future of crop protection, please visit


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