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Farm Machinery Digest

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Ray Bohacz

Farm Machinery Digest - Where Steel & Soil Meet
My name is Ray Bohacz, and I know that success on the farm is a three-legged stool: agronomy, business, and machinery. I have always believed that great judgment in the first two areas can quickly be negated by poor farm shop decisions regarding maintenance and repair of equipment. For your farm or ranch to be profitable, it needs to be recognized that it is not the revenue you generate but rather the income you keep. I want your yield bump and business savvy reinvested to bring more value to you the next harvest season and not consumed by your equipment.

I have been featured in more than forty-four different magazine titles, have over 3,500 published technical articles, authored three books, and delivered countless seminars to the automotive and agricultural communities. I was also the Engine Man for five years on RFD-TV and the fuel system expert on the Talk to DIY Automotive television show. I am a member of the Society of Automotive Engineers, American Society of Materials, International Motor Press Association, Farm Bureau, and the New Jersey No-Till Association.

Still, most importantly, I AM A FARMER!

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