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Where Do Farm Women Go To Develop Business & Management Skills?

In this week's North American Ag Spotlight, Chrissy Wozniak talks to the ladies who operate the nonprofit Annie's Project, a place where farm women go to develop business & management skills.

Ruth Hambleton is a retired Farm Business Management and Marketing Extension Educator with 30 plus years with University of Illinois Extension. And Adding to her many accomplishments she is also founder of Annie’s Project, and her current position with Annie’s Project is treasurer.

Annie’s Project Co-CEO Dr. Karisha Devlin, is a field specialist in agricultural business with the University of Missouri extension. She is passionate about educating farm women and has been involved with Annie’s Project since 2004.

Also with us today is Annie’s Project Co-CEO Doris Mold, she is the President of Sunrise Agricultural Associates, she is an agriculture consultant, ag economist, educator and advocate. She’s served on the board of Annie’s project now for 4 years.

Annie's Project is an educational program for farm and ranch women, designed to improve women's business and decision making skills. The program takes it name from the woman it is modeled after, Annette Fleck, who was married to her farmer for 50 years. The founder of Annie's Project is Annette's daughter, Ruth Hambleton. Ruth designed the educational program, commonly known as Annie's Project, based on her life experiences as an educator and growing up on a dairy farm in Illinois.

The program is based on the education needs of farm women Ruth identified during her years as an educator for the University of Illinois in the area of farm business management and marketing. The Annie's Project approach resonates with women from all backgrounds and levels of experience. Annie's Project will celebrate its 20th year in 2023.

Learn more about Annie's Project at


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