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Grow Pro Genetics Releases Three New Soft Red Winter Wheat Varieties

Bourbonnais, Ill. (AgPR) June 15, 2022Grow Pro Genetics announces the addition of three new varieties to their already strong wheat portfolio.

Grow Pro Genetics is a leading developer of soft red winter wheat genetics and offers one of the largest portfolios in the wheat industry. Their team of researchers, developers and sales staff combine traditional plant breeding with advanced seed technology to provide a critical input to wheat farmers in the eastern region.

3 New Varieties of High Performing Wheat for Every EnvironmentThrough extensive research and genetic technology, Grow Pro Genetics is now offering three new soft red winter wheat varieties within their AgriPro breeding program.

The Next Generation – GP 348 wheat was developed specifically for the southern states of Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee, Virginia, and the Carolinas. This wheat variety has superior tolerance to stripe rust and leaf rust. While its foliar disease tolerance is a significant selling point, other major benefits include exceptionally high test weight and high falling number. GP 348 also has a fast dry down rate for those looking to have an early harvest.

The Consistent & Proven – GP 381 is a wheat variation you can depend on. Compatible for nearly the entire eastern and Midwest farming region – GP 381 is one of the most well-rounded disease packages that soft red winter wheat has to offer on the market. Added benefits of GP 381 include an enhanced BYVD tolerance and exceptional responsiveness to high fertility rates.The Fusarium Fighter – GP 463 has exceptionally high tolerance to Fusarium head blight. This wheat thrives in the Midwest and northeastern regions, including Michigan and Pennsylvania. GP 463 also offers a dense, smooth head type. Managing this product for foliar disease is advised to have the greatest fungicide return on investment.

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Expanded Portfolio Offerings Enhances Wheat Growing Strategies

The release of the three new wheat varieties will bring added benefits to farmers and growers looking to enhance their wheat growing strategies. Grow Pro Genetics now offers 11 varieties of soft red winter wheat through their AgriPro breeding program – providing a critical input to wheat farmers looking to increase their wheat productivity responsibly.

While the soft red winter wheat market has gone through drastic changes over the past 20 years, Grow Pro Genetics has embraced the opportunity to evolve with the market and offer the best products in the industry. Their team of passionate wheat experts paired with their diligent R&D efforts will allow Grow Pro Genetics to identify solutions to the challenges facing a growing world population. Innovation specifically directed at these demands will help secure the future of agricultural resources.

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About Grow Pro Genetics

Grow Pro Genetics was formed by a group of farmers and investors passionate about soft red winter wheat. The legacy of the program began in 1914 when the Coker Pedigreed Seed Company was incorporated in Hartsville, S.C. The breeding program stems from two companies that merged in the early 2000s (Coker and AgriPro). The business and breeding program were acquired in 2020.

Grow Pro Genetics uses traditional plant breeding combined with advanced seed technology to provide a critical input to wheat farmers that stays up to date on the latest technology to offer the best products. The primary research and development activities take place in Hamel, Ill. This research station houses the plant breeding activity, including varietal selection, processing, packaging, and inventory of wheat genetics. The AgriPro breeding program creates soft red winter wheat varieties specifically for the eastern US region. This area includes 22 states, with the primary acreage located in the Midwest.

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