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From pumpkin farmer to a battle with brain cancer- Kelsey Banks has an incredible story of hope

Today, Chrissy Wozniak sits down with Kelsey Banks to learn about her deep roots in agriculture and to hear her incredible story. Kelsey is an inspirational young woman who has had a deep passion for agriculture her entire life. Hailing from Eastern Ontario, you may recognize Kelsey’s friendly face from the many farm shows she used to frequent. While she is a pumpkin farmer at her roots, Kelsey is also currently working as a crop consultant for Embrun Co-op where it’s easy to see how passionate she is about helping fellow farmers.

At the beginning of 2020, Kelsey was diagnosed with brain cancer. In today’s interview, she walks us through how this diagnosis altered her life forever- but also how it changed her entire perspective. Finding light in even the darkest situations, Kelsey shared her journey with “Bob” on social media and became an inspiration to many.

Connect with Kelsey on Twitter:

Learn more about Embrun Co-op here:


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