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Changing the Way Ag Communicates & Markets to the Consumer

North American Ag Roundtable 2020

There's no question that the average end consumer in North American is far removed from the farm. Distribution channels do little to preserve or maintain any message from farm to table. As always, big marketing dollars by food brands tell the consumer the story that will ultimately line their pockets. Protein alternatives are a great example of this phenomena. Reaching consumers needs to become a priority to overcome these challenges, but how can we as an industry make an impact?


Chrissy Wozniak of The Uncommon Ground Inc.

Panelists: Michelle Miller, President of Farm Babe, LLC

Greg Peterson, Peterson Farm Brothers

Sara Steever, President of the National Agri-Marketing Association (NAMA) & President of Paulsen

Mike Pasztor, Owner/Operator at Hemlock Lakeview Farms

Lesley Kelly, Founder of High Heels & Canola Fields

Amanda Brodhagen, Hagenlea Beef- Brodhagen Family Farm

Hosted by The Uncommon Ground Inc. & The North American Ag Roundtable


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