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A Precise, Reliable & Affordable Robotic Solution For Weed Control

In this week's North American Ag Spotlight Chrissy Wozniak talks to Ecorobotix North America's Jose Marchetti about their ultra-precise, plant-by-plant technology that identifies and sprays weeds only. Ushering in the new generation of crop protection!

Jose Marchetti is a distinguished Agronomy Engineer with a Master's degree in Agribusiness, bringing to the forefront a rich tapestry of experience in crop production across Argentina, Brazil, and the USA. With a passion for addressing contemporary societal and environmental challenges in agriculture, Jose plays a pivotal role as the driving force behind the business development of Ecorobotix in The Americas. His journey is characterized by a commitment to sustainable farming practices, a vision embodied in Ecorobotix's flagship product, ARA—an Ultra-High-Sprayer machine designed to offer precise, reliable, and affordable robotic weeding solution for farmers. Jose's leadership has propelled Ecorobotix's growth, marked by the establishment of Ecorobotix Inc. in 2023, significant market presence in North America, and an unwavering dedication to environmental responsibility.

Ecorobotix is the manufacturer of ARA, which enables the ultra-targeted application of herbicides, fungicides, insecticides or fertilisers. Improving the profitability of farms, while adhering to environmental regulations.

They develop, manufacture and commercialize innovating, energy-saving farming machines, which allow both the ecological impact of modern farming and its costs to be reduced. They contribute to the emergence of farming which respects the environment, focuses on preserving soils and hydrological resources, by using a minimal amount of energy.

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