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Why Accurate Farming Info Eludes Consumers

In this week's North American Ag Spotlight Chrissy Wozniak discusses the great divide between farm and table with Ali Cox, founder of Noble West, an award-winning marketing consultancy that specializes in the entire agricultural ecosystem. They explore the reasons why accurate farming info eludes consumers.

From fresh produce and nuts to dairy and agTech, Noble West works in all aspects of agriculture. As a fifth-generation farmer, Cox returned home to California’s Central Valley in 2007 with the singular goal of making world-class marketing services available to the abundance of farmers and growers in the area. A fierce advocate for farmers, Ali’s blend of a deep personal connection to the land and business acumen has made her a highly sought after strategist by her clients. With an eye on the future of farming and the climate crisis, Cox regularly consults with her clients on upcycling, regenerative water use, and hydroponic and organic farming practices.

As a testament to her extreme work ethic and perseverance, Cox was a walk-on rower at the University of San Diego and went on to win a Silver Medal in the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens!

Noble West is an award-winning, specialty marketing agency in the agriculture and food ingredients industry. Fusing the worlds of strategy, art and nature, with a fifth-generation Californian farmer leading the helm, they embody the spirit of the past while charting a course toward the future. As a female-founded and operated company, they draw the blueprint of the future while keeping the big picture in sight.

Noble West's fearless and intentional approach, driven by innovation and fueled with technology, sets them apart in the field of agriculture marketing. With noble hearts and westward thinking, they believe there are no limits to what they can achieve together and that ag deserves better. They specialize in empowering and elevating companies that aim to impact the entire agriculture ecosystem.

Founded in 2007, Noble West, formerly known as AC&C Marketing, is a collective of globally-minded creatives and strategists dedicated to creating transparency about where our food comes from, one campaign at a time. Headquartered in California's Central Valley, with satellite team hubs in Sacramento, Los Angeles and Columbus, Ohio, they are a remote-first agency that hires disruptive talent from anywhere.

Noble West offers a comprehensive range of services, including brand identity, campaign development, content planning, media planning, production, and more. They are the industry leaders in strategic and creative services, particularly in the niche area of Grower Marketing (B2G).

They revolutionize the agricultural landscape, cultivating a brighter future for food.

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