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Strengthening Ties: Opportunities for the US Agricultural Sector in Africa

In this week's North American Ag Spotlight Chrissy Wozniak visits with Gary Hirsch, Founder and President of Global Opportunities. Gary shares his insight into how increasing and strengthening our ties with Africa could be an excellent strategy on many levels, especially for the agricultural sector.

Global Opportunities was founded in order to deepen the economic ties between the people of Africa and the people of the United States and is committed to identifying those opportunities where by working together, jobs and economic growth can be created on both sides while also strengthening the "personal bonds" between Africa's people and the people of the United States. For too long America's adversaries have taken advantage of the United States being economically focused elsewhere and it is time to change this through the building of new partnerships between American and African businesses.

Gary Hirsch is the founder and President of Global Opportunities Inc., a United States based company dedicated to increasing trade and economic ties between U.S. and developing countries, primarily in the Middle East/North Africa region as well as those in Sub Saharan Africa. Mr. Hirsch developed the concept for Global Opportunities based on his concern that in a globally competitive world, increasing interaction between United States companies and developing economies will not only result in opening up new markets for American products but can also help to provide tremendous opportunities for citizens of the developing world in terms of increasing access to the American market and providing new training opportunities helping to lift local standards of living and address high rates of developing world unemployment.

Mr. Hirsch has an extensive background in political and governmental affairs. With over 30 years of experience in the operation and management of Municipal and County political campaigns, Mr. Hirsch is recognized as one of the leading municipal campaign consultants serving the Central New Jersey region. Having participated in and/or managed numerous successful political campaigns, he has been responsible for all facets of campaign operations including but not limited to message development, fundraising, volunteer recruitment, voter identification and targeting , opposition research, budgeting, grass roots support building, and the development and implementation of all Get Out the Vote efforts leading up to and including Election Day for both local and County candidates and in coordination at the Municipal Level , with campaigns at other levels of government including State Legislature, Governor, Congress and U.S. President. In addition to this experience, Mr. Hirsch also served in the campaign of President Bill Clinton as Regional Field Coordinator in the early primary states of New Hampshire and Maine in parts of Northern New Hampshire and West Central Maine.

In addition to his experience in political campaign operations, Mr. Hirsch also has worked directly for a number of local Mayors in a variety of positions including as an Assistant to the Business Administrator, Special Projects Coordinator and Public Information Officer. Known for his “persistence in getting the job done” he successfully oversaw the completion of both short and long term projects which required more particular oversight and in some cases resulted in significant cost savings to the municipality. Despite his no longer holding an official governmental position, Mr. Hirsch is still called upon for his governmental and political expertise by both elected and party officials in numerous municipalities.

Mr. Hirsch received his Bachelors of Arts degree in Political Science and History as a 1989 graduate of Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey (one of the 9 original universities in the United States that predate the American Revolution) In 1999, he also received his Masters of Science Degree in Public Policy from Rutgers University as well.

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