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Rivulis and Dragon-Line announce exclusive distribution agreement for North America

SAN DIEGO, and ULYSSES, Kan. | /PRNewswire/ | Rivulis and Dragon-Line, leaders in micro-irrigation and mobile drip irrigation pivots, respectively, are pleased to announce their exclusive partnership in USA, Mexico, and Canada; with this partnership, Dragon Line is launching a new Dragon Line Mobile Drip Irrigation System based upon a newly developed Rivulis drip line product for this application. This innovative system enables the transition of Center Pivots from Sprinkler Systems to Mobile Drip Irrigation. With this new system, farmers can achieve improved yields while utilizing significantly less water and reducing input costs such as fertilizers and diseases.

"Our collaboration with Dragon-Line represents Rivulis' commitment to developing field-trusted innovation that meets the evolving needs of farmers," stated John Vikupitz, President of Rivulis North America. "This collaboration is further reinforced by the recent merger between Rivulis and Jain USA. With our enhanced in-the-field presence, additional engineering resources and expanded production capacity, we can quickly translate the demands of the market into solutions that were previously unavailable in our portfolio."

Monty Teeter, founder of Dragon-Line, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, "We are excited to lead the transformation of pivot irrigation via mobile drip irrigation. This proprietary cost-effective solution provides an excellent entry point for commodity crop farmers who have long been interested in exploring water savings technologies such as drip irrigation. Our remarkable water-saving results with a low upfront investment will enable farmers in North America to continue to thrive for years to come."

Both companies are confident that this collaboration will drive positive change within the industry as Dragon-Line's systems are accessible and easy to install, contributing to a more sustainable future. Dragon-Line is an approved vendor for some of the largest and leading multinational agribusinesses worldwide.

About Rivulis

Rivulis is a global micro irrigation leader focused on promoting a sustainable agri-food supply chain both to feed our planet and save it from the perils of climate change.

Rivulis offers the most innovative irrigation solutions for seasonal, permanent, and protected crop environments, through its multiple product and service portfolio brands: Rivulis, NaanDanJain, Jain, Eurodrip and Manna. With 80 years of field-trusted innovation, Rivulis has 22 large-scale manufacturing sites in 15 countries and 3,000 employees located in 35 countries, three R&D Centers (Israel, California, and Greece) and multiple Irrigation Project Design Centers around the globe.

Leading the mass adoption of micro irrigation globally, Rivulis is committed to increasing accessibility to all growers everywhere through simple, affordable, and smart technology covering the full cycle from design to harvest. To learn how Rivulis can help you GROW BEYOND your highest expectations season after season, visit

About Dragon-Line

Dragon-Line, LLC. is a global Mobile Drip Irrigation (MDI) company that revolutionizes center pivot and linear mechanized systems with its precise drip technology. The company manufactures a customizable manifold system that seamlessly integrates with the grower's row spacing and cropping. This system connects to the existing piping of drop hoses, delivering water and nutrients to the soil surface through specially designed surface drip tubing. These high-volume, pressure compensating, and self-flushing emitters are manufactured by Rivulis, and together they form the innovative "Dragon-Line" solution.

With Dragon-Line, operators can water, plant, and germinate in pre-determined strips. The tubing can be easily adjusted using a new, patented winch system, ensuring that new plants and foliage are not directly watered. By eliminating wasteful evaporative losses, soil compaction and crusting, as well as costly wheel track issues, Dragon-Line not only saves 20-50% of water, energy, and labor but also improves soil and plant health.

Dragon-Line aims to expand exponentially worldwide, by partnering with companies like Rivulis to achieve this goal. For more information and distribution channels, please visit Dragon-Line is a "Sustainable Water Saving Solution!"


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