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Focusing on the Details - Crop production strategies during supply shortages & high commodity prices

Chrissy Wozniak is joined today by Ben Schapelhouman, founder of TECC Agriculture. Ben dives into crop scouting technology and what the economic impact is when you take control of the small details. TECC Agriculture is an agricultural services and technology company based in (Northeastern) Ontario. Our mission is to help farmers manage uncertainty and stress by remotely monitoring their field crops and connecting them with timely agronomic advice. Traditional crop scouting demands precious time or experienced scouts who are in short supply. Today growers and agronomists increasingly make use of aerial drones and satellite imagery for a view of the big picture in a field. TECC Ag bridges the gap by using electric dirt bikes to travel between rows or along sprayer tracks to collect high resolution imagery that can be used to head off production risks before they develop into costly production challenges. Integrations with a growing list of farm management software partners allow growers and trusted advisors to view imagery on their preferred platform. Learn more about TECC Agriculture here.


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