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Financial Relief for New Farmers and Non-Profit Agriculture Farmbrite, Offers Free Software

Boulder, CO | Farmbrite is offering a new Community Partner Program and free agtech for non-profits. As agriculture prices skyrocket across America, farmers and ranchers are feeling the impacts from every nuance of operation—feed, raw materials, technology—the opportunities for profit are shrinking.

Ian and Janine Russell’s small farm is located in Longmont, Colorado and needed better records in order to improve agricultural business; the typical farmer pen-and-paper was no longer useful. Founded in 2012, Farmbrite was created with over 30 years of software development, sales, marketing, management, customer service and agriculture experience. Farmbrite is an easy to use, cost effective, complete farm management system to help farmers and ranchers be more organized, sustainable and successful. The software provides diverse crop and livestock producers, across the globe, with a complete and holistic set of tools to more efficiently plan, manage, track, report and sell online (from seed-to-sale). The outcome, a more profitable business for farmers and ranchers.

Today, Farmbrite manages hundreds of thousands of animals, millions of acres of land, and customers across 140 countries. And, it has helped thousands of farms worldwide.

New Farmer Program ( "We know from experience that getting started in farming is not easy. With the cost of land, equipment, and other resources, many new farmers never get their business off the ground. In addition to the costs, many new farmers, like any start-up, often lack the organization, operational tools and experience to help them grow. Farmbrite wanted to help support new farmers and is offering a 75% discount on Farmbrite software to support this effort.”—Janine Russell.

Community Partner Program ( "In the US more than 34 million people are facing some type of food insecurity, nine million of those are children. Everyone should have access to healthy and nutritious food and we recognized the impact that community food producers and urban gardens can have in supporting their communities by providing access to healthy food. We are offering free Farmbrite software to qualifying non-profits.” —Ian Russell.

Who Should Apply? Agricultural organizations working to eliminate food deserts or reduce hunger, urban community gardens serving under privileged or minority communities, sustainable and regenerative agriculture non-profits, non-profit organizations working to educate future generations to support sustainable agriculture and that provide free or discounted education to under privileged or under-served communities. School garden programs that support community access to fresh local foods (typically by donating > 50% of food produced). Community food hubs that provide free or discounted food.

About Farmbrite Farmbrite's farm software has helped thousands of diverse crop and livestock producers from across the globe with a complete set of tools designed to help farmers efficiently plan, manage, track, report and sell online. Turn data into action, improve farm efficiency, farm production, and profitability. Boost soil and animal health, streamline from seed to sale and ditch the spreadsheets. Manage your farm from anywhere, anytime on any device. Even offline.

Who's it for: diverse crop producers, including market gardens, commodity producers, fruit, vegetable and flower growers; various livestock operations including cattle, goat, sheep, pig, chicken & poultry producers and other livestock operations; beekeeping and apiary, fish and aquaponics, horse barn management, and more.

What Customers Are Saying "What I like most about Farmbrite is that it handles both vegetable and livestock production well. Most other software for market gardeners focus solely on vegetable production but livestock integration is key to regenerative agriculture. While most of our beginning farmers start with vegetable production, livestock quickly become a part of their farm plan and Farmbrite is there to grow with them." — Donna Issacs, DeLaTerre Permaculture Farm, LA “Farmbrite helps us stay on task with things around our farm and organization.” — Reatha Hardy-Jordan BUFA French Camp, A Contacts: Julie Bielenberg Where farm meets city. Public Relations / Content Creation 303.669.4479


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