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Farmmee’s Uber-Like Matching Service is Revolutionary for Farms

This week Chrissy Wozniak speaks with VP of Business Development of Farmmee Cindy Rockwell. Farmmee’s Uber-like matching service is revolutionary for farms, it connects farmers to farmers during their most critical times of need. This ensures that they get help from someone who understands their business and sense of urgency.

Cindy grew up on a corn and soybean farm in southern Iowa where she learned to drive a truck feeding cattle when she was five years old and was driving a tractor at age 9. She’s worked with technology for more than 25 years, including with companies such as John Deere, Pioneer Hi-Bred and Farmers Mutual. She bought a corn and soybean farm five years ago and for the past two years, has been exploring ways to make farming better with technology.

Farmers and Farm Service Providers can benefit from each other. Farmmee allows for a real-time connection between the two. Allowing farmers who want to capitalize on their investment (equipment being the most prevalent) to connect with other farmers that need help.

Learn more about Farmmee at


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